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Lab results - need help interpreting

Just got my labs.  I've been on PegIntron/Riba for 13 weeks.  Have my 12 week PCR scheduled for tomorrow.  I also have appt. w/M.D. tomorrow.  What do ya'll think of my labs so I know what to talk to my doc about:

WBC 1.9 (4.0 - 10.3 normal range)
RBC 3.09 (3.8 - 6.1 normal range)
HGB 10.0 (11.5 - 15.0 normal range)
HCT 30.3 (34.0 - 44.0 normal range)
RDW 16.7 (11.7 - 15.0 normal range)
Platelets 131 (140 - 415 normal range)
Monocytes 19 (4 - 13 normal range)
Absolute Polys 0.8 (1.8 - 7.8 normal range)

I am happy my platelets are up.  Initially they were down to 98 but have been slowly climbing on their own which I know is good news.  I am concerned about my RDW being high because I don't even know what RDW is.  Also, my monocytes are high.  Isn't that an indication of infection?  And what about the absolutely polys being low?  Any comments to help me w/my doc appt tomorrow would be appreciated.  Thank you all.
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How have you been feeling? short of breath, tire easily?  the hemoglobin and hematocrit seem as low as mine was when I started Procrit.  But if you have no bad reaction to the range, then I guess you are lucky.  Good for you
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While the MCV measures the average size of red blood cells, the RDW (Red Blood Cell Distribution Width) measures the range of red blood cell sizes. RDW can help diagnose anemia or some vitamin deficiencies
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Very tired and short of breath.  Also developed a chronic cough which is bothering me.  I'm extremely itchy (no - NOT BITCHY! I was that before meds!) all over.  Damn, damn, damn.  I sure hope he isn't going to recommend Procrit - but I'll take that over stopping treatment any day.  Thanks for your comment.
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lol...that b makes a difference!  My doc did not prescribed it, tho numbers were low, until I complained of symptoms like chest pain.  so i guess they wait until you are close to crisis...I don't know some of their reasoning.  It is fun figuring out the medical establishment.
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Hey guys - Hate to break in on my own thread, but still need comments regarding my labs.  Sorry to be about me, me, me today, but I would really appreciate more comments.  If Scott and Thenbey are doing their thing, maybe they could take it to another thread so I can get the help I requested on this thread.  Thanks, guys.  I'm not trying to be ugly and I'm not taking sides.  I understand Scott is pissed, and rightfully so.  He should not have to "prove" who he is or that he is on treatment.  He provides a great service to us every day with his thoughtful research.  I understand Thenbey is allowed to post whatever she wants when she wants on whatever forum she wants.  But, please . . . . can I get some help on my labs?????  Thanks.
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Chalk my short previous statement to riba rage.

Like Chevygal, I too come to this site for help and have enjoyed reading the past year.  It has helped me with many issues and I don't agree with everyone but do not post my opposition. I read and research and weight the info and then pray a lot and make my own decision.  

Before that I was at the Hepatitis Central forum and found the forum there to be too huggy kissy and also too much bickering and personal issues.  Not enough real info about the disease.

We are in trouble if Tall gal gets on treatment!


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HOLY COW!  what have you started?  I did a cuteus search and there for public humiliaton is cindy's post to me,balrog,etc.  
darn!  how come if I am posting EVERY day, there are only two posts in that search?   What have you done?  Now i feel MORE paranoid.  And I thought I could get thru this without ADs!!!
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I care to answer your questions, hope its not too late in the day.  Your labs for week 13 of tx and being female are similar to mine at that stage, and the itching was insane! The cream I got from my PCP helped a lot it was generic Kenalog, I think,(triamcinolone acetonide .1%) I took generic benadryl too.  It is with pleasure I can say it did finally go away!  The cough came and went also.  It might be moreso now with allergens in the air, but have the doc listen to your lungs tomorrow and ck you over just in case, as you know with a lowered WBC count you are more likely to catch infections.  I got some cough syrup with codeine from my PCP and that helped stop the nagging dry cough.  My hgb got down to 9.4, my wbc to 1.9 and ANC 0.6 before they put me on Procrit and Neupogen.  I was extremely out of breath, dizzy, falling down and bumping into things.  People react differently to low blood counts, but thats how it affected me.  I was at 13 for a normal hgb, so that was a 4 point loss.  Being a nurse I should know how many points equals a pint of blood, cuz in the clinical setting I do remember if they get to hgb of 8 they say a transfusion is needed.  Anyways, I am drifting off the subject, lol, every time I go to look up stuff for you I end up reading about something that catches my eye and this is taking way longer than I intended!!  
There are many good sites if you need any suggestions just ask, or email me.  ***@****   OHC
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You are the best!  Thanks for your help.
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I was anemic for a while and had the symptoms you complain of -fatigue and shortness of breath.  Procrit really helped me and I'm not aware of any problems (ie sides, etc) from it.  Why do you hope the doc dosen't prescribe it?  Hope you get this resolved soon- I wish you the best,  Dave
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As most of you have heard by now, Three Rivers (in partnership with Par Pharmaceuticals) and Sandoz (formerly Geneva; a division of Novartis) received FDA approval to market generic ribavirin  this week .  The two companies will share 180-day marketing exclusivity (meaning no other generic competition for six months).  Teva (a large generic manufacturer based in Israel) has also filed an ANDA for generic ribavirin.

Average wholesale prices (AWP) for 200 mg capsules (usual dose is 1000 or 1200 mg/day, depending on weight -- see the bottom of this message for links to explanations of AWP):

Three Rivers:  $9.93 [source: Pink Sheet]
Sandoz: $9.93 (wholesale acquisition cost is $5.05) [source: Sandoz]

compared  to:

Schering-Plough (Rebetol):  $11.03 [source: Pink Sheet, based on Price Alert figures]  -- on drugstore.com, a 30-day supply of 1200 mg/day is $1,632.98 ($9.07/capsule)
Roche (Copegus):  $6.33 (as of September 2003) [source: PBMI newsletter, based on Price Alert and Red Book Update figures -- according to Roche, the wholesale acquisition cost is $5.58]  -- on drugstore.com, a 28-day supply of 1200 mg/day is $1,062.88 ($6.11/capsule).

So generic ribavirin is really no discount at all -- only 10% less than the Schering price, and substantially higher than the Roche price.  It's also much higher than the cost of ribavirin obtained through a compounding pharmacy.

I'm hoping that after the 180-day marketing exclusivity period, Three Rivers/Par and Sandoz will face price competition from Teva, but these prices are unacceptable.

People for whom higher prices = less access to treatment are those who receive health care/access to drugs through prisons, the Veterans Administration system, and AIDS Drug Assistance Programs (ADAPs), as well as people who pay out-of-pocket--but we should all be outraged by this profiteering.

Please forward this information widely.  .


Daniel Raymond
Hepatitis C Policy Analyst
Harm Reduction Coalition
22 West 27th Street, 5th Floor
New York, NY 10001
(212) 677-4810
fax: (212) 213-6582
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