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Lack of brain function

I finished my 48 weeks of tx on March 18, 2011. Thankfully all of my sx have gone away except one. This one has me kind of scared that it won't go away. I have lost the ability to take in very much information. I get totally confused. By not being able to take in much info, I mean that when I watch TV on my small screen TV, I can't see the details like what the people are wearing. It is all I can do to get the story line. If there are any words on the screen that need to be read, I'm in big trouble because I am never able to read all of the words before they change screens. I used to be very quick witted, which was great fun in conversations, but now it takes me so long to come up with a response to people that I prefer to stay away from people because it is so frustrating.

Has anybody else experienced this after tx, and how long did it take to go away if ever?
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Hi! Congrats on completing the treatment, I am about to start TX in August with the new 3rd drug, Teleprevir. Anyway, Are you on other medication right now? Maybwe it could be a side effect. Are you saying that you feel "foggy"? I am sure proud of you for sticking it out. Do you have any advice for me?
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My recommendation to you is to take all of your meds like your doctor tells you and don't quite when it gets bad.
I feel more than foggy... that is how I felt at the beginning of tx, now I almost feel retarded. My work requires a lot of mental acuity which isn't there so my husband is having to do a lot of my work. Thank goodness that we work together.

Still........... the virus is gone, so it is worth the price I have paid. I just really hope that my brain will get back to normal.

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Srrry to hear your going thru brainfog. I can empathiize I went thru the same and it was bad..I will be    2 1/2 yrs I finished tx and I still have residuals of brainfog..it is copeable though.

Took me 12 months before most of it was gone. It does go away.

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I will be beginning tx hopefully by Labor Day and have brain fog now.  Having 3 closed head traumas  plus HCV is quite a blur at times.  I appreciate all the info posted here for knowledge. Using my voice recorder on phone helps much when I have thoughts. Otherwise it's like in one ear out the other even though it's in my own
head lol.   Best of luck. Stay the course! Positive minds rule.
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I did the brain fog thing during tx. Wasn't too bad to be able to blame my dysfunction on it back then but now it seems to be different. I'm not sure if I'm glad or sad that it took you 12 months to deal with it. I need my brain for my job... have already been out of the loop for a year and really NEED to get back into it ASAP. I guess I'll just have to accept whatever comes along. DARN!
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Keep going forward.   We're alive and that's what counts. At least we're not alone.  Our higher power obviously had other plans for us  Find brain supporting foods and tones of water. Thank you for update. I need all the info around to prep for my tx. Good to chat w you. Behind every storm comes the peace.
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Does anybody know what kind of brain supporting foods are good?

I'm drinking lots of fluids trying to flush my system clean of the drugs. I just really want to be able to be myself again. I've read about some saying that we can't say if these sx are from tx or would have happened without tx... that's a bunch of bunk. I was never anything like I am now... in 56 years. It feels like I am stuck in a stranger's body and I don't know how to deal with it.
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There are a number of foods that are purported to be good for the brain - I'll check my books when I get the chance and let you know.  However, I've read that getting sufficient amounts of certain things like fish oil is not really feasible through food intake alone.  Here's a couple of recommended brain supporting supplements from the book "The Immortality Edge,"  by Fossel, Blackburn, and Woynarowski.  This book is based on Nobel prize winning research done on anti-aging.  The recommendations in the book are based on multiple studies.

Acetyl-L-Carnitine (ALCAR)...plays a vital role in the production of acetylcholine - a neurotransmitter that is vital to the proper functioning of the brain & the entire nervous system

Phosphatidylserine... member of the lipid family that is essential component of cell membranes,,,low fat and low cholesterol diets and vegetarian diets can reduce amount of PS in the brain...impairing its ability to form, store, process, and remember.  As you age you need more PS...  (I added PS while on treatment because of brain fog and it helped.)

Exercise will also increase the oxygen flow to the brain and that can be helpful.
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Thanks for the input. I'm already taking the fish oil and I bike at least 5 miles a day, but I will check into the other stuff you mention.
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from your original post it seems like vision is troubling you as much as cognition - i would think they influence each other - your posts always seem intelligent and rational - are you sure youre not being a bit hard on yourself - when we compare our past self with our present self despair is often a result - i know im not telling you anything you dont know - but sometimes it hard to think of - give yourself some more time its only 4 months post tx - maybe have your vision checked - research foods / supplements that support brain function
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Your post is scaring me away from treatment a little.  I have to maintain mental alertness to do my job.  I can only glide for a limited period and the economy is so bad I cannot afford to take time out.  I guess if (and when) I am in your shoes I would be doing very heavy aerobics, much more than biking 5 miles a day.  It would be close to an hour of sustained targeted HR in the aerobic zone  at least 5 days a week.  It is best that you get a HR monitor.  (subtract your age from 226 to get your Max HR, then exercise at 50-60% of Max for warm up, 60-70% for fitness and 70-80% for the aerobic zone).  It is the aerobic zone which will increase circulation and possible reduce concentration and attention problems.  "Aerobic Zone (Endurance Training) --- 70 - 80% of maximum heart rate: The aerobic zone will improve your cardiovascular and respiratory system AND increase the size and strength of your heart. This is the preferred zone if you are training for an endurance event. More calories are burned with 50% from fat."  It may not help of course but this is what I always try to do when I am looking at taking an exam or facing a tough surgery of some sort.  I have fallen so out of shape and have not been working out tht I am concerned that the tx sides will interfere in my ability to make use of my elliptical when I should really be accessing it.  But if you are physically able, this is what I would do and drink water the whole time of course and for a half hour before your vigorous work out.
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I am also getting concerned -Was getting excited about new TX after relapse  on Peg Ribo in 2003 after 44 wks tx Just learned my company is being taken over by equity grp so I have fear of brain fog big time!!  I cannot afford to lose my job - wondering what can be done to ease fog and sx??

Anybody know of best HVC guys in Dutchess Cty NY??
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