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Leftover Ribavirin

Seems I am going to have about 100 or so Riba left over at the end of my tx.  Some of my scrips were for #180 when I only needed #150 most months.  I am on my last week....YEA!  I was 100% complient, so it was not because of dose reduction.  

Is there something I can do with them?  Give them to the doc,  return them, give them to some non-profit org?  I know they are very expensive and it seems like such a waste to discard them.  

If anyone has suggestions, please let me know.  I will see the doc soon for my EOT results, so I also planned to ask him.

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I swiped this off another forum.  Maybe this would be an option?


Hey Guys,

I have some exciting news!!  About 2 months ago we were talking about it would be nice if you could provide someone without insurance or in underdeveloped countries with the ability to get your meds in the event that you had meds left after completing tx or you were a non responder or went off tx because of sx……..well, yesterday I was watching CNN Head Line News.  They have a segment called HEROS and there was a gentleman Jesus Aguais on talking about a meds recycling program for AIDS meds.  I called to see if they knew of a program for Hep meds.  I spoke with the Director of the Recycling Program his name is Samuel and the hub of the distribution is out of NY.  He told me that they also provide assistance to the Hep community as well as people who are co-infected.   Any way if anyone is interested in sending any meds I am putting the mailing address below.  Here is the link if you want to watch the program on CNN & there is other background information at this link as well  


I was reminded that if you need to refridgerate the meds to send overnight with cooler and ice packs. They will take open bottles of pills.
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Thanks Mouse, I will check it out and alo see if I find any other organizations that may take donations.  I was not sure about the legalities.  Really hate for it to go to waste.  Also wonder if I should keep it in case I relapse and want to pre-dose next time.  

If anyone else has ideas, please let me know.

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Just checking to see if there are any other ideas on what to do with the leftover Ribavirin!

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Only one response on this.....

Is this not a concern for others.  I hate to see the stuff go to waste as expensive as it is.

Can anyone give me an idea.  I was given a place in NY, but the link does not seem to work.

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IM TREATING FOR hcv SHOT 22 OF 24 WITH RIBAVIRIN.IM STILL UNDETECTED.my husband is also genotype 2 HCV he cannot afford treatment and if you havent found what to do with your extra pills, im sure he would be grateful so much.i thought of asking if anyone had any pegasus or co-pegasus leftover,but i was embarrassed,but i would do it for someone.thankyou............
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I would be happy to do this.....but is it lega?  I was thinking more of non-profit organizations, but if giving and not selling is Ok I would not have a problem with this.

Anyone know??????

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