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Lips Cracking

Hi everyone.

At 21 weeks into treatment, my lips have cracked and on one ocassion they bled.   I have a good quality lip balm and that helps at times but I was wondering what others might have used or done to combat this problem.  It sort of comes and goes like the severity of the cracking.
thank you all......
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sign of dehidration
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I am 12 wks into tx and have been experincing thight, dry lips sometimes even a slight burning when I apply a lip balm. They are tight and werid feeling when I smile. This is my second round of tx and I never had this the first time. I drink plenty of water more than recommended at times so dehydration is not my problem. I am going to mention to nurse this week to see what she recommends. Hopefully we will here from others that have some imput and help. All I know is that I am always aware of my lips lately and trying to heal them.
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I had the same problem, dry lips and feet.  My heels cracked and bleed.  Every night I would rub gobs of Vaseline on my feet and cover them with socks.  I used Vaseline on my lips also and it did help.

I told the nurse about this problem and she said I was dehydrated and increase the water.  I started drinking 100 to 120 ounces of water daily and within a week my heels and cracked lips went away.
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I had the same thing. I was prescribed a prescription and it help alot. (ointment)
As your doctor. I wish I could tell you what is was however I dont have it anymore.

Feel better
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I had skin problems everywhere during TX. Try drinking mass amounts of water. Avoid caffeine.Type 2b, week 21?You're almost done TX then aren't you? I'm 2b too. Just finished TX last month. Things will improve quickly.
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The corners of my mouth were splitting, lips also dry.
Dentist recommened Vitamin E capsules twice a say. Cleared it right up!

As others have said, increase the water.  Try a nice ointment, someone mentioned Vaseline.  Also had problems with my heels.

Just another sx. of tx.

Hang in there - Lynne
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