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Liver cirrhosis and continued alcohol consumption

My husband nearly died from end stage cirrhosis five years ago.  He abstained froming drinking for about 10 months and then started drinking again.  He has also developed chronic pancreatitis.  His blood tests don't indicate that there is anything going on with his liver, but is that a good indicator or not?  What is his realistic prognosis if he continues to drink?
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Your husband has to stop drinking.  Nothing fuels cirrhosis like alcohol.  Get him into AA.
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He will most likely be in end stage liver failure pretty soon if he doesn't stop.

If he had lung cancer would anyone advise him to continue smoking?

He needs a doctor and he needs a doctor fast.

Good luck.

Poster above is 100% correct - he's pouring gasoline on an open fire - unfortunately, there isn't any other outcome in the foreseen future.
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Sounds like someone's taking a trip down "De Nile"... or there's a death wish going on....
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Hi there;

My thoughts on this. I attend an HCV support group in my hometown. I met a person there that had been diagnosed with End Stage Liver Disease several years before, and the diagnosis kept him from drinking. He successfully underwent treatment for HCV, was cured, and began to drink again. 5-6 months later, I attended his funeral. This doesn
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the prognosis is poor unless he quits now. you can't live without a liver.
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I feel for you because I'm sure very hard to watch your husband continuing this habit!  Everyone has give some great advice so can't really add alot here except that with his situation,,I'm sure depression has set in and therefore the "what the heck" attitude,,,so starts drinking again.  I would try to talk to him because his life can be saved,,,today!  He just needs the help to get over the hump!  I would call his dr and see if maybe for right now,,,some kind of anti depressant and then see if you can get him to AA!   He needs a support group also for hepatitis,,,,and of course AA for drinking.  Suggest here,,,and many will help and talk to him and check in your town and see if you have any local support groups.  Good Luck to you!
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