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Liver function tests - ALT

I would be grateful for advice.

Does it matter if ALT are around 170? - been this for quite a while (year +) - had ultrasound scan and radiographer said it was ok - so cancelled the appointments with Doctor, and I think they have not noticed.  I am female around 45 kilograms.

Never been on a chat forum before.
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We are not doctors but patients with hepatitis c here.  I will say based on what I know about the liver that your liver enzymes are way to high.  Is your AST high too? Do you know if they have tested you for hepatitis c?  You need to go back to see your doctor or ask for a referral to a gastrointestinal doctor.  Ask anyone here how precious a healthy liver is!  Please don't ignore those high levels.  That means there is ongoing damage being done to your liver.  You can get lots of good information on this board.
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I don't know if you have hepc or not but as said that's what is wrong with us (aside from being a little nuts :)

My ALT and AST were in the 200s before I started treatment. High liver enzymes like that means for some reason something is killing your liver and causing irreversible damage to it.

The ultrasound will only tell you if you have things like tumors - it wont show the fibrosis that most likely you do have with a number like that.  I think you really DO need to find out what is causing the elevated number because it's VERY high and proves there is something in there destroying your liver somehow.

Just try to relax and realize things go wrong with our bodies, it's part of life, and thankfully medical science in this day and age is getting better and better and we CAN fight the things instead of sticking our head in the sand and pretending they don't exist (what I wanted to do). And that would be the worst thing of all to do in the world.

Best of luck
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I'm here alive and very well. Amazing 3 days.

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The Dream:
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The morning after the dream I woke at 6:30. By 9AM  my daily household chores were done.  I
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Glad to see you're back...Let us know when you're published.:)
Is there a place online to see your artwork?...
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