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Liver problem

My daughter has severe liver problems from alcohol abuse. She wants to know if breathing amonia fumes from the urine of a house cat can cause her problem to increase.  Thank you in advance.
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sounds nasty, clean the litter box now and then, I have liver problems and have a cat, and I don't have a problem with her. Never heard of ammonia causing irritation of the liver but it would nauseate me.
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People who have compromised immune systems need to be extremely careful living around cats. Cats can be dangerous to her health.
As far as the smells go, people with liver issues have an increased sensitivity to fumes.
She should not even clean the litter box, if she does she needs to wear gloves and be very careful. I was told to stay away from cats altogether. I dont have one but my neighbor does and I got a cat related infection from someone else's cat believe it or not.
Sounds like she needs to clean up after the cat more often or give it away. There shouldn't be ANY smells eminating from the box if it is cleaned daily.
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Wow, am I in trouble! I have 6 cats and two kittens I am giving away. They have ticks especially when it rains that I have to pull off, but I have never had any infections. Knock on wood! Fleas and mosquitos don't seem to like me on tx, one plus for tx!

I do clean the cat boxes, I quess I should be more careful! They should not smell if you clean them enough!!
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Seriously, cats can be dangerous to us with compromised immune systems. I didn't know this either until I got this horrific infection and the doctor said "do you have a cat?" finally we figured out it was due to the neighbor's cat coming in my yard.
I was suprised too.

Since you are on tx the problem shouldn't be as bad, your getting some protection from the IFN plus healing your immune system. I'd just wear gloves when dealing with the box and if you get scratched, watch it closely.
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Besides the fleas and mosquitos not liking my poisoned blood, I can now have the excuse to let someone else clean the cat boxes. Sounds like a plan to me!

With my WBC so low you would think I would be more prone to infections. What type do cats carry that humans can get? My cats all hang out with me when I don't feel well. When I do they follow me around. Of course there is no way I would give them up, but I will keep an eye out for problems. One of my cats has ear mites. I got some medicine for him.
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Thanks for the list! Now I have ALL the symptoms of everything! LOL No, not really but I have already informed the household that no more cleaning cat boxes for me.

You were right about not getting to joyful about feeling so well the past several days. This is the day before my shot and I am down for the count for the first time from the last shot. Fever, tired, sleepy, yucky....glad I had a few good days though. It was really nice. Saturday I thought I was not even on tx. I never even felt like laying or sitting down. B/c of my back, I have problems standing or sitting too long. I truly enjoyed the grandkids and we had lots of fun. Sunday was the same. Went to a Ellen Tausher event and then carved pumpkins with the family. It was a really nice weekend and lovely weather too.

We are on the other side of the tx hill now. I don't even want to add up when my tx ends...I'm afraid I'll jinx it.
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