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Liver tests

Hello..thanks for the forum..
My uncle who is 68 yrs and is a diabetic has been feeling weak for a couple of weeks. He went for tests today and following are the results.
SGPT 316
Alkaline phosphatase 849

Hba 1C test
Main blood glucose 220
8-10 unsatisfactory control

I wish to know what the first set of the tests (those of liver) indicate. My uncle has been asked to get admitted in the hospital immediately. I believe the knowledge and the experience of the group will immensely help us to understand the problem and to tackle it.
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Here is some info I found on the www.janis7hepc.com  site which has a LOT of info about liver diseases.  As you can see, these elevated levels could mean many different things...I am sure putting him in the hospital will give them the opportunity to run more testing, and figure out what is causing this.  With a high Alk. Phos. it could be gallstones blocking the duct in the liver...but not knowing his symptoms or history I cant guess nor am I a doctor!  But hope this info below helps you and dont let it scare you...your doctor and nurses at the hospital should be able to give you answers to your questions.


Purpose of the test:
Helps detect and evaluate treatment of acute hepatic disease
Helps distinguish between myocardial and hepatic-tissue damage

Normal values:
Men--10 to 32 u/liter
Women--9 to 24u/liter
Infants--Twice normal range of adults

What "high" or "increased" may indicate:
Severe hepatitis
Chronic hepatitis
Early or improving acute viral hepatitis
Infectious mononucleosis
Intrahepatic cholestasis
Severe hepatic congestion due to heart failure
Slight to moderately high levels may indicate any condition that produces acute hepatocellular injury.

Taking these drugs may affect test results:
Barbiturates, Chlorpromazine, Codeine, Griseofulvin, Isoniazid, Meperidine, Methyldopa, Morphine, Narcotic analgesics, Nitrofurantoin, Para-aminosalicylic acid, Phenothiazines, Phenytoin, Salicylates, Tetracycline

Other factors that may affect test results:
Eating lead
Exposure to carbon tetrachloride
Failure to fast overnight
If tourniquet is applied on the arm too long (over 1 minute), it may cause an inaccurate test result. Request another sample to be collected to ensure accuracy.

AlkP (Alkaline phosphatase)
DEFINITION This is an enzyme made in the liver's bile ducts, bone, kidney and intestine.
RESULT High levels mean more advanced liver disease, especially problems with the liver's bile ducts. Levels can also be high if there is bone disease.
Purpose of test:
Detects and identifies skeletal disease, especially diseases characterized by rapidly growing bone.
Detects liver diseases causing obstructions, such as a tumor or abscess.
Assesses response to vitamin D in treating rickets caused by vitamin-D deficiency.

Normal values:
(Alkaline phosphatase levels measured by chemical inhibition range from):
Men--90 to 239u/liter
Women (under age 45)--76 to 196u/liter
Women (over age 45)--87 to 250u/liter
Children normally have levels up to 3 times higher than adults

What "high" or "increased" may indicate:
Acute or complete biliary obstruction
Deficiency-induced rickets
Extensive bone metastases
Paget's disease

What "low" or "decreased" may indicate:
Protein deficiency
Magnesium deficiency

Taking these drugs may affect test results:
Albumin, Barbiturates, Chlorpropamide, Halothane, Isoniazid, Methyldopa, Oral contraceptives, Phenothiazines, Phenytoin, Rifampin

Other factors that may affect test results:
Healing long-bone fractures
Age (infants, children, adolescents, women over 45)
Failure to fast overnight
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Hi, sorry to but in, I haven't posted in wks ,I do shot 13 tommorow, last wensday I went to my GI office ,and he told me it's time to get PCR, RNA,QUANITATIVE done. I haven't went because I am scared if I don't clear or have a 2log drop he will stop treatment. All other bloodwork in heptic functions are good, I am terrified of disapointment. I haven't had to lower any dosage, . Please send some prayers and the courage to go.This foram is all i have and thank God your here.
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You have to keep your appointment to get your 12 week testing.  All of us feel the very same way you did, about the 12 week test and all the other testing.  It is however, very important so that you and your doctor can see the drop and see if the medicines and treatment are working for you as well as an indicator for your doctor to continue treatment for you.

The anticipation is horrible when waiting for the results, I know.

You have to do the test.
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You have come a long way....I can only imagine your anxiety about the PCR test but try and be brave. I will send a prayer your way for courage.Just keep takeing it one day at a time...Keep us posted...GOD BLESS...A father of two!
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You have come a long way....I can only imagine your anxiety about the PCR test but try and be brave. I will send a prayer your way for courage.Just keep takeing it one day at a time...Keep us posted...GOD BLESS...A father of two!
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Thank you for your respose, I know I need to keep the app. I don't know why the fear I have is so great, but it is . This probably sounds silly, the thought of not responding is all most suffacating . I know I need to be brave and go... this is worse than before start of treatment. I thought I would be excited when this time came. JILL
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