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Liver transplant

Thank you for the information.  We live in Redding California and he has an excellent doctor by the name of Fredricks. He operates our of the Training hospital in San Francisco.  My husband just got out of hospital here with signs of dementia, which they described to me as a brain seperation caused by his ammonia level.  There is so much inforation thrown at me that I can't digest it all.  They said no red meat, now he can have some, no salt, now his sodium level is low, no sugar, that still stands, fruit, but only sour fruit, on and on.  They said he had about eight years, but now that has changed.  I just seem to be between a rock and a hard place. Than you again, I need to get all the information that I can and be able to understand it.
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Yes his doctor is Todd Fredrick. Have you been to the hospital?  I am very worried about it and do not really know what to expect.  It is for him to be put on the list, but the doctor said he would be denied.  What then?  Will they just let him die?  He just turned 50 and he does not drink or do drugs, except for the medicine the doctor gives him?
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Hi there,

I’m assuming you’re referring to Dr. Todd Frederick with California Pacific Medical Center in SF. If so, you’re in very good hands, I believe. If you have specific questions, be sure to call their office. If you are looking for general information on Hep C and cirrhosis, a good site to refer to is Janis and Friends; here is their page on cirrhosis:


Cut and paste this URL to your address bar. They provide a good lay overview of this disease, along with current management techniques. Read through this page, and be sure to bookmark the home page for future reference.

One thing; it’s usually preferable to add you comments to your original thread by scrolling to the bottom of the page, and clicking on “post comment” in the little green box. This will keep all your info in one spot, and will make it easier for others to respond to your questions.

Welcome to the discussion group, and the best to both of you—

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