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Looking for a trial ANYWHERE IN THE USA!

To ALL Forum members:  If any of you hear that there is a trial open in your area for the GS-7977 + BMS 790052 WITHOUT Ribavin that is accepting GENOTYPE 3a, would you please, please let me know!  I am willing and able to travel out of state for treatment even if it takes 24 weeks.  I missed the screening for the last one here in San Antonio due to a delay of my liver biopsy (doctor apparently had a conflict in his schedule).  I am grade 3, stage 2, 61 years old, female, with no other known current health problems.  I am getting very anxious and feel like I need to start treatment soon, but I am wary of ribavirin because of past serious skin problems.  Thank you all in advance for any help you might offer.  Blessings to all my fellow heppers!  Margaret
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Experimental: Treatment D: PSI-7977 + BMS-790052
Genotype 2 or 3

United States, Colorado
Local Institution Not yet recruiting
Aurora, Colorado, United States, 80045  
Contact: Site 020  

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Thanks!  Do you by chance know how I could get a contact number or address?  I printed out all of those on that page and will start contacting the ones that have phone numbers.  Thanks again for your expedient reply!  Best to you!
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This is from a different trial but the same location, it is the same location I am in a trial at, UC Denver

University of Colorado Denver Recruiting
Aurora, Colorado, United States, 80045  
Contact     720-848-2245          

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When you call use the NCT number when asking

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Perhaps you'll be lucky, but most of these trials are filled with existing patients.  I've tried the same thing, but these people who run trials are busy.  They deal with people they have records for.  I believe that they are finding it very easy to stock trials now w/ the shorter treatment times and higher efficacy rates.

A good alternative way of doing it is to be seen.... become a patient at a hospital and clinic that performs trials and let them know you want in.  People that run trials want their participants to complete the trials there might even be followup trials.  Someone who lives 1000 miles from the trial site may not be a good bet.

That's just an impression, but good luck in the search.


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my Dr has Southern California Liver Center and is world renowned..Dr Tarek Hassanein..they have so many different trials (all orals going) I know that this paticular one is all filled but call them and way..

try this site.  
Research And Education, Inc. Recruiting
San Diego, California, United States, 92105
Contact: Tuan Nguyen, Site 016     619-563-4040      
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Thank you and all for your response!  I contacted Tuan Nguyen last week and they were already full as well.  Ahhh well, probably grasping at straws here.  But you never know until you try.   Hopefully, the current trials will give us ALL an opportunity for all oral treatment in the near future.  Thank you all again and have a blessed day!  Margaret
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not sure but try johns hopkins rockland research group in baltimore md. i can give you the # if you cant find it. im am doing a study there now and i know they are doing 2 other hep c trials now. i dont know details but maybe you can call and get some info!
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