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Dear all
I need help, my partner is currently just over 3 months into his hep c treatment programme and 2 clear results - so things looking good, but
He has started to drink excessively, min 5 times a week 4-5 cans a night.  He is ill most days upset stomachs mainly and extremely moody despite antidepressants, nothing I do is right and trying to stop him drinking always results in huge rows, pls can anyone offer advice as I want to help him - thank you
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I don't think hepcandme made it sound like all people with hep C are alcoholics and druggies.  When you go have blood test before treatment that can show evidence of toxics in your blood.  Otherwise,  possible abuse.
I would think that the degree might send up a red flag there is a problem.  
The original poster stated that her boyfriend had began drinking excessively during treatment.  So, this may have not shown up.   I have heard the 6 months sober speech.  If a doctor see you maybe drinking to much I'm sure it would be bought to your attention.   I'm not saying it's ok to drink during treatment nor am I saying you can't.   Should you?  I don't think so and I don't drink at all.  I did before treatment without any problems.  But treatment changed that for me and now my tolerance for alcohol is very low and toxic to my body.  I didn't have advanced fibrosis either when I treated.  

I was never ask or required to take a drug or alcohol test before treatment to obtain hepatitis C treatment.  My doctor never told me I had to not have drank  in the last 6 months.   I do believe that somewhere in the instruction for the medication it says refrain from drinking alcohol as it does for many prescription drugs.  What the argument is.... alcoholic and druggies may be a risk for staying on treatment and taking medication timely.   At which is extremely important.   These medications are extremely expense.  Insurance companies don't want to spend the money and want the best candidates for success. Regardless,  people do drink and do drugs.   As you know this is nothing new.  Last time I looked drinking isn't against the law and in many states either is pot.  So how does that 6 month rule work in Washington or
Colorado.  My guess it excessive use detected in your blood.  I doubt that that moderate use would stop you from receiving treatment or sto your treatment.   I do know that to obtain a liver transplant you better not be a druggie or alcoholic because they will pull the plug on your chances of receiving liver.  


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you wrote: "Generally prospective treaters are carefully screened for alcohol/drug abuse and must go to rehab and be clean and sober for at least 6 months before beginning treatment."

where is that? I had no such screening in the US and heard of no one going through such screening prior to treatment for HCV. ..though I heard that this is done in liver transplant cases, when the liver was destroyed by alcoholism.

you made it sound as if all people with HCV are alcoholics or druggies. Some are boring regular folks without a single tattoo or a piercing.
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I am surprised that he was given the option of treatment since he obviously has a drinking problem

Generally prospective treaters are carefully screened for alcohol/drug abuse and must go to rehab and be clean and sober for at least 6 months before beginning treatment

Does your partner know that even if he clears the virus, he will continue to damage his liver by drinking?
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You must be incredibly frustrated. Maybe even scared.

Does he complain of stomach upset? From the HCV meds? Which meds is he taking?
The wrong kind of AD (antidepressant) could be a hindrance more than a help.
It is always a good idea for people with Hepatitis C to stay away from alcohol.  Usually medical health professionals make this pretty clear prior to treatment. It helps to have some kind of external support when treating.

Depending on your partner's history with alcohol/behavioral health there may be nothing anyone can do however knowing these other things might (might) rule them out as a contributing factor.

Would you partner consider getting on the computer and participating himself?
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Welcome to the forum.  Make sure he always takes his hep c treatment
drugs.  the one thing you can help with and extremely important.   I have heard that this may not effect the outcome of the treatment.   There are others who have more information.  

Again, what is extremely important is taking the hepatitis c treatment drug.  
This would be a concern if he starts forgetting.  It can lead to treatment failure.
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