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Looking for good Doctor in Indiana - Other posts

Does anyone know of a good Dr. in Indiana? I seem to be good at finding jerks and the jerkess nurses who work with them.
(I REALLY cleaned that up, given the way I feel about them)

Today's latest challenge - DR. tells me last week that if I get OK'd by shrink, OK to treat again w/Pegasus. Jerkass nurse tells me today that they won't treat me again NO MATTER WHAT I DO.
I suggested to them that perhaps I should have my lawyer contact them to get THE REAL STORY.

I looked for a hepatlogist - none in Indiana.
I am so pissed.

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Hi Ya WANT, Well Chevy and Indiana are from there so I am sure when they get off work and read this maybe they can help! I wouldn't think the nurse would make that chose But what do I know? Ol Mr Billy has to take a shrink test every 2 weeks on the trial. It is a wierd telephone questionare..Think good things don't let it get ya down, just keep seeking and you'll get it!
Hugzzz, Sher

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Thanks Sher, phone quiz, huh? Well, better than nothing.
Still I think the Xanax or Ativan is needed, make sure he eats!
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Here's a site that lists <a href="https://www.aasld.org/eweb/DynamicPage.aspx?Site=aasld3&WebKey=e3b65c0e-4e1a-46ac-83e1-797c2f3e30fa">hepatologists</a> all over the US, including in Indiana.

And here's a list of some <a href="http://hepatitis-central.com/hcv/drs/in/toc.html">physicians</a> who treat Hep C in Indiana.



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<b>CONGRATULATIONS</b> are in order for the both of you!!!

That is wonderful news! You both have fought hard and good fights, too.

Best to each of you as you continue forward.

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If you are in the Indianapolis/Central Indiana area, Dr. Pound is a wonderful choice.  He also has a MALE nurse-practitioner that works with the Dr. in caring for the hepatitis patients.  He always returns phone calls promptly and is an extremely caring person as is the doctor himself.  They make a great team.   Plus, they WILL listen to what you have to say!
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Thanks everyone for your help, and for caring. Alot more than my "dr." displayed.
My wife says she just wants me to accept HepC and accept the fact that I have failed tx, and may never be cured.
I feel inside that I can't ever give up.
I guess I need to find a balance between trying to get this thing before it gets me, and trying to enjoy life. (whatever's left of it).
It sounds like you all have found this balance.
I imagine that being a control freak doesn't help me. I just feel like I NEED to be doing something about this, It bothers me ALOT to do nothing, wait, and let this thing consume me.
Hard to enjoy life feeling this way. A part of me just wants to get on some strong AD's and numb myself to it all.
And then another part of me says that only serves to feed the virus, and in turn shortens my life. The big quality of life issue.

I know these are all things I have to work out. I just don't know how, and the last thing I need is to get involved with another therapist that doesn't know sh*t about all this.

I know we all have our difficulties, many more here have it worse than I do. I try and try and try to remember that, but it really does not comfort me.
I try and remember how fortunate I am to have found out I have this. How fortunate I am to have friends that care about me. I try and remember that everything happens for a reason. But I keep coming back to the same thing - that this thing is going to get me. And I apparently can't do a damn thing about it. Tx almost killed me. Herbal/alternative didn't work, and cost me $15,000 that I didn't have. I changed my diet, stopped drinking, and did everthing I thought I could do to stop the damage. Any now that I know that there is no way to monitor the progression, no way to predict how fast and how far this thing has gone since I found out 3 years ago, I am pretty damned miserable. In some ways I wish I had never found out until it killed me. At least I would have continued to live my life and enjoyed it. I just don't want to go out this way. I know none of us do. I can't stop dwelling on this, I know I must stop. But how? Every day I am reminded one way or another. Every waking moment. I don't know what to do. I asked God to show me. Hopefully he will soon, as I am not sure how much longer I can stand this.

You folks have helped me many times over. My deepest thanks to you all.
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Your post brought tears to my eyes.  As I read your words and could almost "feel" you struggling with all you have to deal with right now, I felt frustrated that I couldn't do anything to help you.  Depression is tough, there's no ifs ands or buts about that and you are very depressed right now; who wouldn't be in your shoes?  Please believe though that there are good therapists out there right now and good medications that can help you.  Try to give yourself a break and give up the fight against those things you can't control.  Instead focus on what you can take control of:  Diet, lifestyle, choice of medical support, friends, etc.  You can start practising mind control.  What! ??? you may say, but you can do it.  Right now, close your eyes and think of yourself at the happiest time of your life;  maybe your wedding day, the birth of your first child, a favourite vacation spot.  Think of it and hold that thought for a second or two..  That is mind control!  It's a small start, but you can change your thinking, you really can.  You can turn this around, make the decision to take control and if you need Ads to do it, then so be it!  You will get through this as you are so much stronger than you think you are..  Hold on, tomorrow is another day....
Sincere best wishes for a positive change in your life, please take care of yourself..
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Ok....I caught your painfull post and just HAVE to say something.
You are obviously upset. It's understandable. You have had a rough time. So, lets get down to it....
Who told you that you couldn't monitor progression?? Surely nobody here said that. While I'm not a big fan of biopsies, they DO give you a good idea of progression. And there are new non-invasive tests that "may" do the same without all the dangers. You are NOT totally "in the dark" on any of this.
IU Medical Center is the BIG place in Indiana for the latest info and cutting edge docs for HCV. If you are in that bad of shape then you need to go there. I imagine you would need a referral, but that should be no problem since your tx failed you.
Did you see how I phrased that???  It's IMPORTANT!!  IT failed YOU....YOU did NOT fail at IT!!! Keep your sanity now dammit!! Look at it the way it really is! This stuff(tx) is not for everyone. There is a failure rate for these meds. But that does NOT mean that it's "Game Over"! It's only a "Set Back" for those truely in need.
Everything depends on your current stats and then on "possible" progression. You need more info. The docs can give you that. IF...the need is really there for you to get more aggressive....then there ARE options around for you.
NEVER GIVE UP....not just because you encounter failure the first time....or the second....or the third....etc. Not if the need is there. Do that and I'll personally find you and spank your a$$!!
Send me an E-mail at Indianamann at aol if you want to talk further about this. I am compassionate....but I don't tolerate "whiners" either.  hahahaha  Just teasin.......
Just relax....smoke some pot or have sex or something....anything to take your mind off of it all for a time. You're NOT gonna fall over dead tomorrow from this.
Try to take a DEEP breath.......
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Brit, I am dusting off my happy place, intending to stay there for as long as I can/need to. Thank you for the encouragement and support.
Indy, I have an appointment to see the experts at IU.
I was referring to the inability of Viral load, and AST/ALT to be predictors of damage occuring. Were you referring to the FibroSure test as a non invasive method of tracking damage?
My Dr. inferred that the test only is good for detecting the presence of Fibrosys and not to measure it. I don't think he knows what he is doing. Perhaps he is good at solving gas problems cause he don't know w thing about HCV...
And the pot and sex thing, now there's a treatment I can tolerate!
Thanks again for your help, and for the encouragement.

LVD, Hopefully even though you didn't clear, I would pray that it did you some good as far as repair to your liver.
Thank you.

You guys are great, I don't know what you I would do without you!
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