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Low Blood Platelet

Hi Every one,

I recently had my blood test and they mentioned that my blood platelet count is less i.e., 120000 where 140-400 is the range of it. My age is 22 years. After that i had my blood test 2 times where the results are 105000 and 80000. Could any one of you suggest me the next steps to take like which doctor i have to consult?? Whether 80000 is very bad figure?? Any medicines or any treatment??

Please help me..
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Have you been diagnosed with hepatitis C?

Whether 80000 is very bad figure?
No. Platelets stop blood loss by clumping and forming plugs in blood vessel holes. A lower than normal platelet count has no affect on how you feel. Although the underlying condition illness could cause fatigue. There are certain illnesses that can cause fatigue and lower the platelet count. Such as certain types of anemia.

Many people like myself with cirrhosis of the liver (advanced liver disease) have lower than normal platelet counts and live with it for years. It is only when the platelet count levels get down below 25,000 that it can become dangerous because it can cause people to bruise and bleed or not be able to stop bleeding.

When where you blood test taken? I have never heard of a platelet count changing that much in a short period of time. 120,000, 80,000?

The most important thing is to find out WHAT is causing your low platelet count. There are many causes for a lower than normal platelet count called "thrombocytopenia" by doctors. The doctor's job is to determine what the underlying condition or illness causing your platelet count to be so low. A low platelet count is an indication that something else is wrong.

Start by seeing your family doctor or a general practitioner. If your doctor is unable to find the cause that your doctor should refer you to see a doctor who treats blood diseases (Hematologist). There are tests that a doctor can perform that can determine the cause of your low platelet count.

Good luck to you.
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My hepatologist didn't do anything for my platelets at 80k, but at lower levels they may adjust your meds.  Whoever manages your meds would be the person to talk to.
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Hi when my platelets were low I was sent to a Hemotologist, he tested me for lymphoma, leukemia, Hep C.  He diagnosed me with HCV
Good luck
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