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Low Neutrophils and Platelets

My blood results had just come back and my Platelets and Neutrophils (Absolute)are low.  My Lymph and monocytes are high.  I am concerned that these are indications of Hep.C.  Can you help.
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If they were doing all of those test I'm surprise they didn't do a specific test for Hep C if nothing else to eliminate it from the possibilities. You doc needs to test you. Dale
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I would imagine that this could be caused by a number of things.  None of us in here are doctors and so we don't know all that much really - I definitely do think that you should have a discussion with him and try to figure out WHY your numbers are dropping.  Are you on medications of any kind that could cause this effect?

I don't know if HepC ITSELF causes the drop or if it's the TREATMENT that we take that does.

Let us know what happens and best of luck!
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you need to be tested for hep-c.....nothing else will do-GOODLUCK
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I feel that all sides should be told here, whether good, bad, or so so. The risks vs rewards. and it should be told by the facts as we know it. I feel theres some people who should not be treating and theres people that should be treating. I just don't agree when people try to sway people one way or the other unless their damage is so bad that theres really no in between. I just don't like the 'scare tatic' being used to convince people either way.
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you gotta point, mine was that it's such a complicated issue with so many varibles, it's tough to go by one way of thinking or another...you have to look at your own set of circumstances and then it's still confusing...I might be better off being one of those people that says, okay, I gotta a bug, where are the meds, I'll start tomorrow...believe me, sometimes I wish I could be that pragmatic and not be so analytical about it all....but if I'm going to injest that stuff it'll be for a dang good reason....
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hey, I just started taking anti-d's, Celexa to be precise, and I am spaced, spaced out - I just feel like sitting and staring at the wall...I couldn't figure out what 3 x 12 was, how long does this honeymoon last? youre body gets used to them right? I was going to take a drive to Staples but now I'm reconsidering it....
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Can-do. Thanks for the comment on the "greasy discharge" (ewww) thread.  I agree that not EO should treat--but it's a tough math problem in any one person's case.  I was told by two hepatologists (at different fancy pants hospitals)that they advise treating genotype 2/3 even without much disease.  It made sense at the time--but with each passing day, the logic slips away...

I really admire you guys going for 48+ months.  And appreciate you too!
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forsee says.....I couldn't figure out what 3 x 12 was, how long does this honeymoon last? youre body gets used to them right? I was going to take a drive to Staples but now I'm reconsidering it.

First, you might want to go to a lowe's for that 3 x 12 don't think you will find them at Staples.

Second, Didn't know you got married. But i would guess it depends on how wild you are as for how long the honeymoon last, and also how your body gets used to it. Could be wrong though

But congrats anyway
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I keep reading about sx's and if you don't have them, it is possible you won't clear the virus.  Since this is only my second shot, I am curious as to what sx's we are talking about here?  Currently, I am not having anything serious.  Maybe the occasional headache, or feeling like I am coming down with the flu but never getting there.  Or is the chemical taste in the mouth or chemical feeling in the head.  Are these the sx's everyone is talking about?  I am just curious, as I just don't feel bad.

I am genotype 2b, would that make a difference in sx's?  the amount of Riba I am taking is 800 mg.  Maybe that would account for lesser sx's than someone who is taking 1200 riba.
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yes it does pass i have been on celexa for about 10 days and it is starting to help the duh feeling is getting better almost feel human again
best of luck to you
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I personally don't give that sides=killing bugs argument a whole lot of weight. Speaking for me personally, I've had pretty mild interferon sides and I cleared at 4 weeks, as a stage 4. I'm geno 3a, which is easier to clear that geno 1, of course.

I do like the correlation between anemia, and higher riba levels though. European studies have demonstrated a couple things:

More anemic generally means higher serum riba levels
Higher serum riba levels generally means better chance of SVR

From there it's easy to make the leap that the more anmic you feel, the more bug damage you might be doing. But even then, I've been pretty anemic, and I don't think I've felt as bad as some less anemic folks have reported.

So, in summary, I guess I'm saying, I don't really think you can use how a patient feels as a measuring stick. I asked my hepatologist - and he didn't either.

Oh - mone more thing. Peg-intron is said to cause worse sides than pegasys. Some say it's also a stronger drug - so there's  another case in favor of the hypothesis. I'd call it a coin toss.

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Hello 2b soon 2b a not 2b. Yes your having the sx's just the milder type that we all hope to have. Just keep your fingers, toes and eyes crossed they stay that way. For some they do. For me mine got worse at about week 8. And yes 800 mg of that poison does help. But do know some that take 1200mg to 1400mg a day and have mild sides to. Lets just hope that before the sides get any worse you'll be done. Good luck to ya.
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Thank you both for easing my mind :)  

Goofdad, I am taking Pegasys.  As for the anemia, since I started treatment with an HGB of 15.1, it would probably take me longer to get anemia.  Unless, of course, that is not a barometer either.

Can-do-man, I like your little ditty, '2b soon 2b a not 2b', that is going to be my mantra from now on.  I do have a long way to go, just starting this journey, but I am hoping the sx's stay calm, but I am also prepared if they get worse.
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<i>I was going to take a drive to Staples but now I'm reconsidering it....</i>

You know, I've been there. 'Analysis Paralysis'. Normally, I'll start a spreadsheet to work through these more complicated issues. A Pros and Cons matrix, if you will.

Do I have a car?
Do I need office supplies?
Am I wearing clothes?
How would the goats feel about this?

Try working through that for a while and post your findings. With that info we may be able to help you find your path.

Seriously, though. Never took the ADs myself - I find the fart jokes do the trick for me. When that fails I take the Pee-Wee Herman road to self awareness. But I do hear there's an adjustment period before you feel right on the ADs. Give it some time, you'll be fine.

BTW, I went to see <a href="http://telenaut.com/pow/index.html?=index-body.html">these guys</a> last nite. It would have been great if the killer falafel from Hell hadn't reversed the tides of fortune in my lower GI.
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riba is what causes the anemia so at 800mg you should be lucky there too. Plus you seem to have a good attitude. You'll be fine
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Did you know forsee got married? Dang at least a invite would have been nice. What a big how do you do huh. Sounds like one heck of a honeymoon though.
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Anise, i'm no expert, not even on the stuff yet, listen to the many others here who do know a lot cause they have been there, I'm just a curious joe and I found that interesting...that's all, no scientific basis though...from what I know the sides can come and go and change or not some hardly get any sides at all the whole time- every permutation possible with many different types of sides...some people say they really didn't get sides till 3 or 4 around months in, others the first few months then they leveled out, some were up and down the whole time...guess it's true, we are all little snowflakes, ha ha! be well and I hope the meds are good to you!
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Honey Moon

Honey: Stick, sweet, attractor of ants
Moon: Slang for the bare buttocks

Theer has to be a joke in there somewhere - but dang if I can find it. Maybe a few moment's rest on the can will help......
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oh no, youre not into cover bands too? ha ha!!!I am sooo into cover bands! You ever see Dread Zepplin? (no explanation necessary) there's Birds of a Feather (the Byrds) The Fab Four which are reputed to be the best tribute band to the Beatles ever...they tour everywhere and are rich, wierd huh? and if you really want a hoot, theres Jethro a Jethro Tull band like you've never seen! Wyld Child, the Doors, ha ha ha! you see, I suffer from arrested development and I think most of these new rock bands suck, how many Nirvana clones can anyone stand???...it's more a question of how much, sorry if I offend anyone but I calls em as I see em! So I like to go back in my little time machine...

maybe there are other fellow travelers here who see "tribute bands" as well...if you really want a laugh, some friends of mine did a documentary on tribute bands called "Tribute" and it is hilarious...a battle of the bands of Kiss tribute bands and The Monkeys...as you can see I'm easily amused....ha ha ha! I still can't get it together to go buy a calculator at Staples, whodathunk it?, I used to know my times tables! I hope I won't have to relearn English after I start tx!
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Interesting that you brought up Led Zepplin. No doubt you know this, but for those who don't LZ was a made for TV band. Turns out the pilot got cancelled, but the album, which was supposed to rise on the coat tails of the show, took off.

So there was no Led Zeplin, it's actually 12 studio musicians. 'Live' performances were all lip synched.

Meanwhile, their US sales trail only the Beatles and Elvis. Not bad, huh?
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all I know is that I used to think the first 3 Zep albums were Godhead...smartypants...now they just make me nervous for the most part ....ha ha!! cept Dazed and Confused, Eureka! that should be my new theme song for my journey with Celexa! hey, I just read your iron levels are off, are you okay? levels evened out a bit? hope so...Iron Man was a pretty good song, sophmoric as all heck but catchy...where is Fl Guy?...surfing I bet! Well, I've trashed enough threads for a day...be well my no cal friend...Cali told me you guys are expecting a storm...bout 75 and sunny here....he he he!
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Storm? Bummer - that's why I don't check the weather.....

The iron's high but fine. No worries. If it doesn't right itself after tx, they're going to have me apply leaches while sleeping. I wonder if leaches can be taught the Battle Hymn of the Republic?

Take care forsee girl, I hope the AD situation levels out soon. I'm sure it will, just sit back and enjoy the ride.

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Can-do-man, thanks for saying I will be fine.  I think so too :)  Did anemia take hold on you after 8 weeks or something other sx?

Foreseegood, I am curious about everything related to this disorder as you are.  I value what you have to say.  Sometimes it might not be what I want to hear, but....  By the way, the tape you sent, I still listen to it on my walks.  Each time I play it I hear something different and relevant.
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See the POW link you posted above. Did you catch the e-mail address for the band's contact?
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