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Low Platelet count

Does anyone know if there are any foods, or vitamins that can be taken to naturally assist the body in making platelets if the are low?
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Check out melatonin at the Life Extension Foundation .  A high dose seems to be positive for platelets.  My husband has been taking 10 mg. at bedtime for the past 6 months while on tx.  He has cirrhosis so his platelets stay low but they have not sunk much from the interferon.  I can't say for sure if the melatonin is the reason, but it might be.  Apparently some cancer patients take as much as 20 mg. to keep their platelets up, but I was afraid to try that much.  If you try this, read all about melatonin first.  I think there is some concern that it can lower your bodies capacity for making it's own melatonin but we weighed that risk with the fact that this is my husbands third attempt at treatment and he can't afford any dosage cuts.  He had taken 3 mg. a night for about a year before upping it to 10 mg.  and he didn't notice much difference. He is exhausted on tx anyway so I'm not sure he would be able to tell. Melatonin may have other benefits too but I'm not sure how much it has been studied.  I have read it may be protective from cancer but it has been a while since I have read up on this subject and more may be known by now.
P.S. You might want to read up on shark liver oil too because I think it also may help platelets.  Joe has taken it on and off during treatment.  Nobody knows just exactly how this stuff can effect the meds so keep that in mind. It can also cause a significant increase in cholesterol.  If you search medhelp for shark liver oil, you will find some posts about shark liver oil keeping some one's white cells up to avoid neupogen.  I found the posts interesting. Everything you add carries some risk if it hasn't been specificaly studied in conjunction with interferon and riba.
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There is a study going on right now which I'm involved and I can tell you it works.Its called, (ELTROMBOPAG), from what I understand in 6 months we will know. READ THIS

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