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Low Platelets

What is the danger zone for low platelets...mine are ok as of now, but steadily declining every blood test, just wondering.
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mine stayed around 55-60 during treatment. Hoping now that I am done they come back up.
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I looked up platetelt count here it said 150 to 450 one other place said 150 to 400
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i did a quick look on the Med help website...

it seems that 30-50 is when it becomes a problem, not sure they have rescue drugs for it, i think that dose reduction is usually what is done, but the posts i read were kind of old, so maybe they have something now?
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Only persons with cirrhosis need to worry about their platelet count becoming too low to during hepatitis therapy.
There are treatments to boost platelet counts, transfusion of platelets and Eltrombopag/Promacta a drug that raises the platelet count.

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Hector is right. I got down to 20's n lowered Pegasus. That's the Rx that saps platelets. Got it up but them started Promacta. Whoa! I got up to 60's n back on full dose of injection!
Good luck. Maybe yours will go down slow. Do you have cirrhosis?
Karen :)
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Thanks Hector!
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No, I don't have cirrohsis, my biopsy was stage 0-1, grade 2 (if I remember correctly). I have just been monitoring my blood work and noticed that the platelets were steadily declining, but still very much ok, they are at 150 now, started at 252.  

I was just wondering how low they had to get before it was an issue.  Thanks for all the info!

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The possibility of a hemmorhage comes at about 20,000. Anyone, not just people with cirrhosis, can have platelets drop from treatment. However, people with cirrhosis usually start out with lower platelets so they don't have as far to fall. Most people even out before the platelets get to 20,000. Yours are still in a great range. I don't think you have anything to worry about.
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Mine were really low the first time I did tx, in the 20s.
My hepatologist said the main danger was from internal bleeding if I was in an accident.
So I decided not to ride the sweet placid horse in the pasture :)

No worries~
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