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Low Platelets

My mother, who was infected with HCV 25 years ago, now has a low platelet count.  It is thirty something.  She's got horrible looking bruises all over her and feels week and has alot of leg weakness/pain.  She just went to the doctor and tells me they said if she starts bleeding she has to go to the hospital for a blood transfusion.  Has anyone else had this problem assosiated with HCV?  How serious is it?  They perscribed her vitamin K, but she says that delay further liver damage.  She also has a hematoma on her liver, but I don't think that's related?  Her platelets dropped after attempting combo treatment.  She wasn't able to complete it and is unable to try again because of the platelet drop.  I don't know if it's entirely from the treatment though because they continue to drop a year afterwards?
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While you wait for the platelets "experts" you might want to check the question about low platelets posted june 1 by judy.  there were some good suggestions there.  Just remember that our expertise is that of informed patients or relatives of patients, not medical providers. check back for others sugestions.
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I am by no means an expert on platelets or hcv for that matter but I printed this http://www.natap.org/2003/AASLD/day7_1.htm
it is a study on vioxx and the ability to possibly increase platelets. It was provided by one of the other people on the forum.
If copy paste does not work he has posted a link below in an earlier posting under low platelets, it does work
You may also want to look at the news posts as the are always informative.
My platelets are also low now and I just received my tx via fedex today and will start next friday. I do plan to talk to my dr next monday and see if he thinks that the vioxx is a good choice for me.
Best of luck to your family I hope this helps
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My platelets dropped below 10 in January after 14 weeks of combo tx.I was hospitalized for 7 days and recieved platelet transfusion.It still didnt raise my platelets so they started me on prednisone for a couple of months,they finally came back up in the normal range.Interferon can cause this but so can cirrohsis.I was taken off tx and probably wont get to tx again until something besides interferon becomes available because it is too risky.Anything below 30's can cause you to bleed to death so my doctors refuse to treat again.I have mentioned vioxx several times but they still say no.Good luck with your mom.
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Often folks with progressed HCV have an enlarged spleen.  The large spleen will collect and destroy platelets.  I saw an interesting approach to this problem, so people can "save" platelets during treatment (and, therefore, make it thru/ complete treatment):  take out the spleen.  Laparascopic surgery.  Sounds extreme, I know -- but it's not nearly so invasive nor so drastic as a liver transplant!  cheri
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wouldnt removing your spleen cause you a whole new array of problems?
do you know if you clear hcv and have an enlarged spleen if it reduces back to normal?
I guess tx is our personal homeland security. killing off the bad guys

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Tim,,,Hi so glad to see you back at forum!  How have you been feeling good these days and are you on any kind of special diet?  Hope all is well!

Cheri,,,You have some great advice for all of us! If I remember correctly,,,you are a nurse.  Thanks for all the help you give everyone!

Everyone,,,I am still having the problems with pain running through my joints!  Mainly very bad in mornings with the knucles of my fingers!  Hard to bend and I have to work them to get them to start operating!  Now,,,its in my toes...where they bend...same thing...Pain!  Chevy,,,suggested maybe diabetes,,,but no,,,I checked that out!  Right now,,,I'm feeling like a 100 years old and NEVER had any of this before tx.  I'm starting to really worry about what this medicine is doing to my system and I definitely want to clear the virus but do want to walk also LOL  I am going to dr wed. and of course am going to tell him about all this new sides that has appeared last few weeks but anyone,,,,Been through this or Going through this??
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((((Hugs)))) Thanks so much!  Nurse,,,,Angel,,,Chevy!  Wow,,I just got back to house and read your reply and you really gave me alot to think about.  I have no idea how long I have had hep c,,,could be 30, 20 or just 2 years ago,,,Summer time I got very sick with virus and couldn't do much of anything,,lasted 4 months.  All kinds of tests and everything was perfectly normal,,,very frustrating I have to admit but wondering if that might have been when I got it or maybe had it a long time and my body was trying fight it off,,,I really don't know. So it could be concidental that I am now starting to experience some hep c problems.  And yes,,,another good thought and it does always happen,,,whats going on this week is a new one next week! I was worried about hair last week and now I don't care about that and worried the meds are giving me arthritis..LOL

I do remember you be upset just awhile back with period problems and everyone was so worried about you especially falling down stairs. But...I do know what you mean as far as our mental state at times,,,Because I often wonder if something bad is going to happen to me here at house while sides are hitting and not knowing if its a normal side,,,or something else totally off wall and you need medical attention. Thats why its great coming here and people talking about their sides so we know we are not all alone.  Derail,,,said other day,,something to effect,,"this isn't Kansas and toto" and I laughed so hard and thought to myself,,,I wish so bad it was though! I wish I would just wake up and it was a dream but all you guys were really a part of my life and just good friends,,,No hep c!  Wouldn't that be wonderful!  You are a great friend Chevy!!
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