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Low Viral Load 150,000

  I am newly diagnosed HCV G3.  It is possible I've had it for 25-30 years.  I have been sober for the last 21 years.  I turn 50 in June.  I can't see the Gastro Specialist until June 7.  I am concerned about how much liver damage I have.
Can I draw any conclusions from these test results?

HCV antibody s/co 20.20 High

Platelets 114 low
Ast 79 high
Alt 65 high
Triglycerides 216 high

The CT Scan Report says "The liver enhances normally......the spleen is normal...........the pancreas and pancreatic duct are normal.

HCV Quantitation 159740
HCV log10 5.203
HCV Genotyping Non Reflex HCV genotype 3

Any  advice concerning condition and treatment will be greatly appreciated.
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Hi there and welcome. As changling has said there is no way to know what liver damage you have until you have  a biopsy.

Your labs show that you have active HCV infection  Geno type 3 with a viral load of 160,000.

Again ..as changling has mentioned geno type 3 has a treatment efficay rate of approx. 75% and with a clinically low viral load (<400,000) that may help even further.

your ALT and AST .being  mildly  elevated have  really no significance at this point ,however your platletts are fairly low  and sometimes can be detrimental to treating as Interferon can  often reduce them further. That is certainly something to talk with the specialist about.

  Good luck with the visit to the specialist.. and one thing to ask him is how experienced he /she is with treatment of HCV ..as many of  the G.I.are not... unfortunately .

Best to you..Will

Oh..and congrats on the 21 yrs. sober.. you did your liver a big favour :)
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You may need to have a byopsy done to find out if you have damage to the liver. The good news is type 3 responds well to treatment. Good luck. We are all here to support you. Welcome to the forum.
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