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Low platelets

Hi I'm a geno type 1a. Have had hep c for aprox. 21 years. At biopsy in 2001 I was stage 3 boarding on 4 in swelling and scarring. At last Dr. appointment I was told that I have probably gone into cirrhosis. I treated in 2001-2002 with peg-riva. Problem is now my HMO has decided they can't re-treat because at last check my platelets were at 49. What does this mean for me and should i start worrying about bleeding. Also is there anything I could take ,like procrit to help my blood and energy level, real lethargic of late. Doc doesn't seem too concerned but I am. Thank you Debbie
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Procrit will only help if your red blood count is low enough for anemia,
have you checked into trials for relapsers?
You can make sure that you eat healthy foods rich in the b vitamins, they are the key to energy production.  That is why b-12 shots are given for some anemias, a good b complex might help not only with energy but also with digestion of nutrients
Everything I read tells me to stay away from Niacin, because it is toxic to the liver.  I can't understand it, since it is part of the b complex.
stay away from junk foods, and other harmful substances, take antioxidants,  maybe sam-e and lecithin., and culture rich yogurt.
There are some studies indicating the use of NSAID vioxx for, I think, it was platelets increase.  someone else will verify this, like tnhepguy.
Hang in there
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The <a href="http://www.natap.org/2003/AASLD/day7_1.htm">pilot study</a> using Vioxx doesn't say if it was used on cirrhotic patients. You can print this out and show your doctor - being sure to dicuss if it would be safe to use for someone with cirrhosis. Also, patients with heart conditions need to be cautious with Vioxx (though the dosage used here - 12.5 mg. - is a relatively low one).

As far as Procrit goes, it's possible that your doc would only prescribe it if your blood work numbers indicated your red count was low. Though others here have much more familiarity with Procrit than I do. Hopefully they'll know if it is prescribed more generally. And if there are any particular precautions in using it on cirrhotic patients.

May God's blessings and mercy be upon you.

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Hubby's count hovers around 37...and he is still on full tx.  It has dropped as low as 25.  What about a modified dose? ...or finding another dr.  
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Thank you all for your posts. Sometimes although I am a Christian and know I'm going to a better place eventually, I still get scared and frustrated with this disease. I will definately get a b-complex. Right now I have my name in at Pacific Medical Center in San Fransisco for any upcoming studys that I might qualify for and my family and church family are my support group and their wonderful, but at times you just need to talk to someone who suffers from the same affiction. And I will also check on Vioxx. One of my biggest weaknesses is chocolate and I sometimes binge on that but I've really tried to curb it. And other than smoking ciggs (which I'm also trying to give up) I pretty much got rid of all my other vices(Beer) since I found out I have hep c. My prayers will be with you all and God keep you Debbie
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