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I know I have been MIA for a while now. These last few shots have really gotten to me. Tuesday will be my last shot. Thank the LORD! 6 months doesnt seem so long to most of you thats doing much longer time. To me it has seemed like forever. I cant wait to start living my life again and growing back my lost hair. I think that was the biggest shocker for me was at week 16 when my hair started coming out. Now its by the handfuls.

I cant wait to get this over..
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Yes, it's such a long time when you're in it!!  Congratulations on being so close to the end of your tx.  I'm at 18 wks post tx now and my hair has gotten thick again!  My hair loss was most evident on top and in front.  I hated my big wide part there towards the end of tx.  

Hang in there, Tuesday will be here soon and you'll be on your way to SVR!!!

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BTW, I love your "name"  I had a German Shepherd that was my love, my baby, my heart with that name.  Anyway, I did 24 months and it seemed like forever.  I really have to commend those that do 48 or 72 weeks.  It took me a pretty long time for my hair to grow back but I am finally getting it styled 1.5 years post next week.

Hang in there it does get better but for me it did take a while so don't get discouraged if it doesn't happen right away.  Good Luck
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I was wondering about you! I know where you're coming from. These last couple days I felt like I was actually in the pits of hell. I did my last shot a week ago yesterday and took my last pills Monday night. Been waking up in the middle of the night, all wound up, unable to eat, and unbelievably weak. I thought I was going to pass out again this morning. Later today actually felt just a little better, and not so jittery. Getting a little bit of an appetite back. I believe the 8th day is when interferon starts to decrease in the system, at least it seems to be true. The headache was actually tolerable without Tramadol today. Hang in there, Rain! It's almost over!
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Congrats on finishing up this coming Tuesday.  So you took your shots on Tuesdays instead of Fridays?
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Yes I took them on Tuesday nights. I figured this. One it would give me monday and Tuesdays to get legal biz done like doctors etc and then by fridays I should feel better so I can spend the weekend with hubby and the kids. I was lucky I work from home but Ive been unable to work much at all since the first shot. Thanks for the congrats.. now can you send me some hair or a wig? I pulled a string out today that had about 400 hairs in it.. UGHHH
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Im so glad its over for you! That is the best news Ive heard all week! The hair loss is bothering me so much I cry and the jitters I seem to be keeping. Thank God for loyal xanax. My blood wasnt as low as the nurse told me. I think shes holding a grudge. thats 3 times shes lied to me. But I am still anemic. Just so TIRED all the time.
Im so excited about tuesday.. no more red spots.. no more itching.. Then on following tuesday I will take my last Riba.. I will feel lost without having to take so many pills everyday.
Thank Good Lord its almost over.. If I ever get cancer I doubt I will do chemo. My entire family has suffered from this.

Woohooo Annie is finished!!! *Doing happy dance*
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the hair will come back.  honest.    
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Congrats on almost finishing. You won't feel better right away. But when it comes you will feel a little better every day.

Hang in there, just one more shot and one week of riba and you'll be free as a bird!
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