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MOUTH SORES & Sinus infections.

Since my second week on victrellis I have been plagued with mouth sores and redned sore areas at the corners of my mouth.  My doctor gave my miracle mouth for the sores inside but nothing has worked for the corners of my lips and I have tried everything.  I also have a constant sinus infection unless I am on antibiotics.  I just finished my second course of antibiotics on Thursday and have a horrible infections again already.  My skin is pasty white, my eyes have huge black circles, so i look a little like Elvira, without the long hair, which is mostly down my shower drain right now.  But I don't even care about that stuff.  I would just love to get rid of the sinus infections and mouth sores.  On Week 5 of victrellis, 31 more weeks to go.  I have been to my family doctor and he just doesn't know what to do with me. I can't live on antibiotics, but thats all he ever gives me.  I guess there is no cure just time is all that will heal me.  But any advice is apprecitated.
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The mouth sores in the corners or your mount are  a fungal infection called angular chellitis which is why tinactin or monastat work. I only had it during and for a few weeks after tx.

For canker sores, inside the mouth, you can try lysine. Parsley has lysine in it so I ate lots of fresh parsley. When that didn't work  I got a dental paste which my doctor had to prescribe.

Obviously, both are side effects from tx.
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For the corner mouth sores try using (as crazy as it sounds) vagisil, they are a yeast infection, my doc gave me nystatin ointment usp but it is RX only
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my study nurse told me to use tinactin for the corners of my mouth.  it really worked.  good luck to you.  belle
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thanks, i was thinking maybe there were yeast, since I have also been on a lot of antibiotics.  thanks so much for the advice
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Thanks, it seems everyone is in agreement that there are yeast so that is how I will treat them.  Thanks again
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thanks so much for the great advice.  I will buy some parsley and lysine today.  I already have some yeast medication I can use on my chellitis.
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as far as the inside of your mouth is concerned, i have noticed that the biotene mouth products to be very gentle and  have kept my mouth healthy.
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1swimmer brings up a good point. Dry mouth is common with tx and hard on our teeth. Using biotene products definitely is recommended.
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I also have used biotene since start of treatment and have had no mouth sores thus far, for corner mouth sores, the tinactin does work.
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