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Marijuana affecting the SVR outcome?

Before treatment I was just about a daily Medical Marijuana smoker but I decided that once I started tx that I would stop until I was done with tx.Now that I am finishing with tx I want to but haven't yet,I guess I am concerned that it might affect the outcome I guess.Any advice about this let me know
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If you think it might affect the outcome of you keeping your UND until you get an SVR, don't do it until you're completely done with tx.  Can you imagine if you smoked and the following week or so you weren't UND anymore?  That's right, you would think the weed affected your outcome.lol  You can wait, the weed and the way it makes you feel aren't going anywhere.  Take an idea from Nancy Reagan, just say no! :)
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Marijuana is not listed as interacting with Harvoni on Gilead prescribing information but you should ask your doctor to be certain :)
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Egads, I did interferon treatment and if it weren't for medicinal pot brownies, I'd never had made it ! My hepatologist had no problem with my using pot, "whatever it takes to get me through treatment", was his advice.

Relax.It does not affect your SVR at all.
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