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MayoClinic vs US Supreme Court

"In a 1988 U.S. Supreme Court decision on whether alcohol dependence is a condition for which the U.S. Veterans Administration should provide benefits[11], Justice Byron R. White's statement echoed the District of Columbia Circuit's finding that "a substantial body of medical literature that even contests the proposition that alcoholism is a disease, much less that it is a disease for which the victim bears no responsibility." He also wrote, "Indeed, even among many who consider alcoholism a "disease" to which its victims are genetically predisposed, the consumption of alcohol is not regarded as wholly involuntary." [12] The US Social Security Administration no longer makes disability payments to individuals for whom substance use disorders are a material aspect of their disability."

In other words it is not a disease since the VA would need to treat diseases.
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Finally,...............There is somebody with good common sense in charge. Why should tax payers have to foot the bill?!
You hear plenty of screaming about all the smokers do to add to the medical bills. Everyone is so quiet about all the money that goes towards the illnesses, and we wont even mention the crimes that are committed behind alcohol.
The last thing anyone needs is the old "its not my fault" right behind it. Of course, thats because there is alot of wheeling and dealing and back scratching going on at the "cocktail" parties. Politics and everywhere.You dont have the social pressure put on people who drink,.....only those who drink and drive.
I can not see one good reason to drink.
I dont think MOST people who claim to be social drinkers are being honest either. Alcohol does not taste good, most drink for the buzz, not for the "refreshing flavor"
I will admit, a Budweiser can be refreshing on a hot day.
But so can a pepsi, and I wont be embarrassed the next day for something I did or said.
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no one said that alcoholics do not play a part in the progression but not one ever went into a liqure store and asked for a bottle of something that will ruin his life then kill him.
this judge is not claiming it is NOT a disease but only that the va should not have to pay benifits. lets put a new definition in the dictionary for disease, "a condition that the va pays benifits for". i do not go to a supreme court judge for medical advice.
what about indians who turn out to have very large alcoholic rates and jews who have very little. it comes from one adjusting genetically to alcohol over thousands of years (by genetic selection ie. alcoholics dying before reproducing) and the other never being exposed until 200 years ago. what about the study of twins separated from family at birth with alcoholic parents who still have much higher rates. i agree, giving money to alcoholics is the worst thing we can do for them. if you say some of the richest, smartest, hardest working, successful men (even one who walked on the moon) just drink themselves to death "because it feels good" and not because of an overwhelming obsession, does not make sense. it causes much more pain in the end than pleasure.
yes there are many types of alcoholics but we ALL have one thing in common
a.when we start to drink we cannot control how much.
b.when we REALLY want to stop we cannot.
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So then you would agree that if the medical community decides that life begins at conception, there is no need to go to the Supreme Ct to have a ruling for abortion?
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sorry, i have no idea what you are talking about.
i point out again that this judge is only saying the va need not pay benifits for alcoholism, not that it is not a disease.

i do suggest that often people believe we intentionally create the hell in which we live. i do not need "understanding" from those who can NEVER understand what it is like to live as an alcoholic. it makes not one bit of diferance to my sobriety if it is called a disease or weakness. i am suprised that so many JUDGE THEIR FELLOW MAN not ever having taken the time or have the slightest interest in why so many normal and often successful, loving humans cannot prevent this painful and suicidal destruction. today i have lost the power of choice, only divine intervention has kept me sober,one day at a time, for 22years. again, to say we drink only because we want to is simplistic.
i am amazed that i have spent this time trying to explain to those who do not care. i cannot teach tolerance."contempt prior to investigation".
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Too bad that ruling was in 1988 when the Supreme Court was more 'liberal'. Don't bring current politics into play.

Just as you can argue the govt doesn't want to pay out, one can easily argue that the medical community wants to designate it as a 'disease' so they can get insurance payouts.

Its a 2 way street and you seem to be always in the wrong lane.
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I am a recovering alcoholic. I, at one time, had so completely destroyed my life, I did not think it was even possible to rebuild it again. I was ready to do the unthinkable.
Today my life is so different, because of the "choice" I made back then to stop.

My hubby is a vietnam veteran,....and I also know how he was screwed. Trying being in the battlefield, with a weapon that has no ammo. The horror stories he has told me!

I am not judging anybody, because I know I have been guilty of most things at one time or another.

I do advocate our ability to change what we can.

I think you guys are great!!!
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