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Meals and Fat Grams

I started the triple therapy seven days ago and I'm having some difficulty with my more morning meals. Any suggestions? Also, I'm allergic to many nuts so it really makes things challenging. I'm really trying to stay away bad fats as much as possible. Also, is any taking any vitamins or supplements?
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My husband has tried cream cheese on bagel, 1 avocado, Greek yogurt, and ice cream.  He is not taking any vitamins or supplements.
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I had fruit, waffle and full fat greek yogurt almost every morning during treatment.....
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I was told DO NOT TAKE: vit A, iron, or st johns wart

REPEAT ABSOLUTELY DO NOT TAKE these 3 supplements can cause liver toxicity!

Keep it simple just take your medication that is enough to swallow along with the fats
Good luck
I am starting in January
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I found eggnog to be an easy morning fat.
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thanks everyone and have an amazing holiday!!
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I can't eat when I first wake up so I make a thick chocolate drink and it makes it easy for me.  I use one cup whole milk (5g) and 3 tablespoons of heavy whipping cream (15g) put in some nestles' quik and drink it down....very easy!
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I too find it hard to eat first thing in the morning.  I take two tablespoons of olive oil.  It's a healthy fat, and it's quick.  
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My husband has been using Udo's oil, which is a really, really healthy Omega.  He's been putting it in a smoothie most mornings, and it seems to do the trick , only 1-1/2 Tablespoons.  And a bonus - his skin looks better than it has in years!  Flora make a dark chocolate bar with Udo's in it that is pretty good, and easy to eat in the morning.  He is also not a fan of nuts.  I bought a kitchen full in preparation for treatment, and he hasn't touched them. If you can eat avocado in the morning, that's also good.  Also, since he's a big Starbucks fan, a few times a week he gets the breakfast sandwich, which has 21 grams of fat.  
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OMIGOD, this is amazing. I'm almost throwing up just thinking about some of these morning solutions. Maybe I'm unusual, but nausea is a huge problem for me on these meds and is spite of regular use of , I still have to be picky about what I try to eat. I can manage a broad range of items fine later in the day, but the early morning dose is the hardest. I found the wetter solutions were the most likely to make me want to barf. I can't start my day with any kind iof shake, high-fat yogurt, ice cream, or cream cheese. Drier items like breakfast pastries or granola work much better for me. Frozen "morning rolls" or "chocolate croissants" from Trader Joes are good. Ready to bake cinnamon rolls are okay. I prepare a cup of hot cocoa to drink with them, just 2% milk with 1/2 tsp of plain unsweetened cocoa whisked in and it adds 5 grams of fat to the breakfast while giving you something that doesn't feel greasy to swallow your pills with. I invented my own recipe for high-fat granola that I'd be happy to share with anyone - just ask. It contains all healthy fats and lots of fiber and tastes great. That's my every-day morning fat dose. These are the only things I can keep down first thing in the morning.
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2 small honey buns = 20 gr
5 small chocolate covered dounuts = 20 gr
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