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Meds for Side Effects

I just wanted to know how many people take actual meds for nausea/pain whatever while on tx.  It has certainly not escaped my attention that I haven't been asked to dispense of any of the small arsenal of medication at my monthly disposal, so its not as though I can't use say, phenergan or scopalimine patches for nausea with treatment.  Let me rephrase.  They know I have all these medications prn.  They haven't asked me not to use them.  I just have never seen anyone posting on meds for sides so I wondered.  
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Also, totally off-topic but, I have a business drinks meeting thing Monday night where I'm hosting at a bar no less.  Always when these things come up (not too often since I sell throughout the US and Canada - so I mostly talk to my customers by phone) I just have one or two drinks because I have to drive home, then I alternate with diet coke.  I've never been able to drink fast anyway.  So now I'll be on that diet coke the whole time.  Many people at work now know that something's up with my health and they all think it has to do with my liver tumors so it shouldn't take too much explanation.  My only real fear is I'll be too sick from the first shot to attend and may have to send associates out.  So annoying. In case anyone can't tell.  I can't go to sleep.  I have that catscan in the morning and I just have not been able to relax with everything going on.
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This site doesn't show the time you do your posts, but i'm doing the insomnia thing the next night.  Or after midnight the same night maybe.  Have you ever heard of using Remeron in tiny quantities for insomnia?  My gp suggested it.

How is it going?  Have the sides hit yet?  Mine hit several hours (i can't remember how many, but 6-8?) after my first injection.  It was like a horrible flu, and the first night was the worst, i think.  They suggest you take some ibuprofen before it hits, bit i say take the phenergan for the nausea if you need it.  My doc prescribed it, but it didn't really seem to help.

Hope you are ok.  
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Phenergan and vicoprofen worked for me.
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Always check with your doc before you take anything ... but here's some of the supportive stuff I was on...

Phenegran:  for nausea
Darvocet: for pain, later changed to Lortab, now Ultram
Ambien: for sleep
Head & Shoulders:  to wash riba rash areas
OTC Hydrocortisone (walgreens brand): for riba rash areas
Carnation Instant Breakfast: Protien additave due to severe weight loss
B Complex
Chantix: smoking cessation towards the end of tx.  I WORKS!

Genotype 1a, S3, Gs
finished 48 wks of tx 4/2007
relapsed 9/2007
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Thanks for the responses guys.  I took my first shot and riba yesterday afternoon around 2pm or so?  That's when I received them.  Decided to go ahead and get the 2nd dose of riba in too so that I would ge on the same day, so I took it before I went to bed last night.

I was feeling pretty smart cuz I still felt great then.  Well. LOL I am NOT feeling so almight great now.  ROFL!  My son is great though and went out and got breakfast for me so I'd have something to eat to take the riba with this morning.  

I have a lot of prn's for my migraines such as lortab and phenergan and my doc's office knows I take them and they are cool with it, and of course, I have always used them prn for whatever nausea and severe pain as long as I stay within the same amount, so I just plan to go pretty much the same route now.  I have noticed that unfortunately some of the greatest joint pain I am having is in my fingers which sux because I do love my computer.  Prob try a little motrin for that, but I don't like to take much ibuprofen.
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I cannot tell you how proud I am of you with the smoking thing.  It really is, in my opinion, the single best health thing you can do for your body.  Well, I mean, unless you're shooting up heroin every day and sharing needles with Tommy Lee.  I'd prob go ahead and stop that before smoking.  LOL

Seriously though, I don't smoke at all but my father did and he has had so many health related issues (heart attack, vasculitis, aneurism of the aorta) and has finally given it up.  We all watched how difficult it was for him.  His doc put him on the one drug, can't remember, for two weeks prior to asking him to quit, then had him start the patches and stay on the drug.  That was the most effective way for him.  My grandmother smoked too, she white knuckled it when she quit.  I'm not a big white knuckler about anything myself.  They both had some increased lung symptoms after stopping for about a year that then got markedly better.

Anyway, Good for you!

Oh yeah, can't take ambien or the other sleep aids.  I take a good ol fashioned xanax if I really have big probs.  I sleepwalk, cook, whatever on ambien.  It's amusing to others, but with loaded guns in the house, not too safe ;)
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Definitely check with you MD on meds for sx. Everyone is different. But I have used Aveeno Bath and olive oil for the dry skin and rashes. Had to go to the dermatologist for one rash bout and put on Prednisone and a topical steroid for two weeks (plus Atarax for itching...it was bad.) It eventually cleared up. Don;t have a real bad rashes now. I use Nizoral for scalp treatment. I had the flakes real bad, but it has cleared up. Also soaked my head with Keri oil (hard to find, though). I also have Mycelex for mouth sores, which come and go. I sometimes take compazine or Zofran for nausea (I take before injections and then for two days afterwards. Seems to work for me). I use a low dose ambien for sleep and Xanax for anxiety (major anxiety attacks..never had them before). And finally, AD Lexapro. I am not a proponent of this drugstore, but if you are on good spiritual ground with yourself you will do the right thing for you. I also take a multi-vitamin and (try) to eat healthy (vegetables, fruits, lot of fish (I'll probably get Hg poisoning, but I watch that it is wild and fresh). I am type 1a and on week 30 of tx.
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I am sorry about the mouth sores.  I've had those before and they suck.  When I was preggo with my son, I had them so badly I couldn't eat for two weeks.  I had them all inside my mouth.  It's a family thing.  We ALL get them.  My mom and all my sibs.  Thanks MOM!  LOL  

I eat healthy but I am not going to be taking supplements because my levels are already too high right now in iron and B-12.  Plus, since I eat so many vegetables (I am not a vegetarian at all, but I just eat a lot of them), I get a lot of vitamins I guess in my diet.  
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