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Hi,Im new to the forum but have been watching since December. Im a 58yr.old male and have had hepc since the 70s. Im geno type1 and had my last bx in Dec. which came back grade2 stage3. I had been doing the herbal thing but VA doctors said you better start TX. baseline pcr was 3180000.I started tx on Feb 5th with Pegintron and 1200 Ribba I will do shot 19 tonight Monday. My 4th week pcr went down to 675000,not that good, My 12 week pcr dropped to 76000 agin not that good.I figured my 16 week could be SVR! Not to happen, It shot back up to 600000 big bummer!! My hepc nurse talked with the Doctor and he said to up my ribba from 1200 to 1400 so thats where Im at. My reason for posting was that in all my readings in hundreds of posts I saw that many people have total lost appetite , my self encluded. Well last summer before I stared TX I became depressed and lost my appetite. I had never been depressed or had a lost appetite. I went to my primary VA Doctor, he prescribed celexa for the depression which really helped but said there was nothing for my appetite, just force myself to eat. Well as many of you know it can make you sick to just chew a bite of food. Then after I started TX i contacted a frienf in Florida who had just finished 48 weeks of treatment and was clear so far. He told me after a 6 month visit to his Hepc doctor that the doctor was concerned about his weight loss. His doctor then prescribed MEGACES ES to increase his appetite.It really worked and he was eating stuff in his cupboards that was 3 yrs old!! He told his neighbor who was a cancer patient who was just wasting away, couldnt eat. He took the name to his cancer doctor who prescribed it. The man started eating again and he put his weight back on. I googled Megace ES and found out it came out for HIV patients who couldnt eat. I asked my VA hepc nurse about it hoping to get a perscription.She had never heard of it and didnt seem to care.My Florida friend sent me a bottle he had left over. Its a liquid you take and my appetite shot back up. It will give you a growl in your stomach within a couple of days. Im really supprise that after seeing the Floida doctors using it that no one else on the forum has been prescribed. Im no doctor but I thought this might help many-google it ask your doctors to look it up, maybe its just that new. You folks have really helped me hang in there. Ive got about every SX and many days cant get out of bed. Ive learned so much from you guys that I know more than my hepc nurse. Looks like if my numbers come back I will be doing the 72 week thing, if thats possible for me.   Thanks Jamie
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I'm sure Megace can be a lifesaver for those that truly need it. I lost close to 30lbs on treatment and my doctors considered a number of options including testosterone supplementation but for some reason Megace was not recommended to me as a first line approach. The word on Megace is that it will increase appetite and put on weight but that almost all the weight comes on as fat, which is perhaps one reason it's not a first line approach, at least not in my case. Fortunatly, my weight leveled off at 30lbs below normal so ended up not taking anything. FWIW the first thing my doc recommended for appetitite stimulation was marijuana which many cancer patients have success with. I'm sure the laws vary but medical marijuana should be avail in most places by prescription. Pot doesn't agree with me so I passed on that option. And before the anti-pots chime in, I'm not recommending people to smoke pot, which may actually be bad for the liver long term. But when it comes to choosing between wasting away on treatment -- perhaps even terminating treatment because of wasting -- than medical marijuana is certainly one of a number of rescue drugs to consider.

-- Jim
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I tell you I am post treatment and after not tasting food right for 72 weeks - well there was no way possible to not overeat.  An Oreo tasted like pure heaven!!!!!

I've been thin all my life but now gainned back all the weight I lost plus an additional ten (at least).

I was listening to the news this morning and they were talking about how Paris Hilton's severe medical problem is that she is addicted to amphetamines and for a split second when they said "Adderol" thought "wow that's what is prescribed to my son maybe I could take a quarter of a pill every day!

(Old drug addict habits die hard though...).

I'm on a diet starving myself (well to me what is starving cause I've never had to really do this before)...I'd try anything legal right now.  ;)

I don't really have much to say but wanted to say hello and welcome to the world of posting on the forum and make sure you got some responses on your thread.

Have you talked to your doctor about trying Infergen? Will they give you another go at treatment?
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PS I realize I posted contrary to your post but...I'm long past the "no appetite, food tastes disgusting" part of the problem LOL
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