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Menstrual Bleeding Post TX - anyone else having problems?

OK - most of you know me:

3a - completed 24 TX about 5 months ago - early response, SVR by doc about 3 weeks ago.

During the complete TX I bled a lot - heavier periods - only one to 5 days off in between - heavy clotting.

I went to the docs about a week and a half ago - did a partial an endometrial ablation/biopsy to ease the heavy bleeding and I stopped almost immediately.

Today getting out of the shower (only 2 weeks or less later) I look down and I'm gushing out blood everywhere.

First thing I did was freak out... Thinking where is the bleach --- all the possible cleaners, etc. Because of the HCV.

I panicked and called in sick - because this is a lot of blood ---- not emergency room call in blood... But 2 Heavy duty pads on and maybe a tampon every hour or two ---- and I'm terrified of going to work bleeding more than just a little.

I mean - the stigma itself is bad ---- but could you imagine overbleeding a pad at work ---- where the girls have already proved their ignorance by placing antibacterials everywhere?

Not to mention the embarrasment of just bleeding over.

Anyhow - I just wanted to know if any other Heppers have heavier periods or problems menstrually.

And if there is anything they did or do to stop the heavy, clotty bleeding that works.

I am pretty much headed towards a hysterectomy in Aug/Sep or Oct.

My docs want me to try a few things BEFORE the hysterectomy.

*I'm like - get it over with and let me get back to life... * but they have to hit all their bases.

Anyways --- anyone have any methods or special techniques they use?


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  I know nygirl mentioned not having a period for the entire time of her 72 weeks of tx. Obviously tx messes with our hormones. One thing you might want to think about is the perio-menopausal symptoms that you may be experiencing.  Mine did get heavier, not like you describe but friends have mentioned very heavy periods, using several tampons and pads, etc.
   I won't get on a soapbox but I do know people who regretted getting a hysterectomy. Please look into all your options.   Good luck with this messy problem.
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Since the age of 40 I have been having problems with heavier and heavier periods. At 46 I finally went to the doctor. He suggested either a hysterectomy or a hormonal intrauterine device. I told him I don't need any birth control. That is not the reason you should get a hormonal intrauterine device, he said. It is to control the heavy bleeding.

Hysterectomy was not an alternative I could imagine, unless it was the very last resort. So I tried the intrauterine device, and all my troubles stopped. This has worked out fine for me.

I am on tx now, and still no problems.
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I remembered something else. I had a friend for years who had heavy periods but couldn't get pregnant. She and her husband went through all the tests and nothing was found to be the reason. Then she mentioned to a chiropractor that her uterus was tipped. He sent her to a masseuse who helps women with these problems. She manipulated her uterus into the proper place. Four months later, at the age of 39, my friend was pregnant for the first time. And her heavy periods disappeared.      
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Oooh I could handle the massage. LOL!

NAh - methinks hysterectomy is what is gonna happen tho. Ablation and endometrial biospy with fibroids agggghhhh they weren't there before tx. Sigh..

Wonder if TX caused them?

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