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Merck RX assistance

Has anyone had to apply for merck patient assistance? I have 4 weeks supply on hand but 10 left on tx. Our insurance runs out this month..trying to get all I can done before then, thank goodness for leap year! Btw our cobra would be $1700 a month for our family. Not that we could afford that!
  My question is, has anyone had experience with the Merck rx assistance? Does it take long or work on a pay scale? Would they really provide me with thousands of $ of meds no cost? We always seem to make too much (although not wealthy, just not poverty level) to qualify for these programs but now that my husband is laid off I'm hoping we can get this to me.
Also I'm noticing that the vic, pegasus and ribo are made by 3 different manufacturers. Roche, the rivers and merck.
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Go to the following web page for complete information for Merck's Patient Assistance Program:

Here is some excepts...

"If you have no prescription drug coverage and cannot afford your medicines, you may be eligible for free Merck medicines through the Merck Patient Asistance Program.

Merck Patient Assistance Program

Sometimes, affording prescription medicines can be difficult. That's why at Merck, we have created the Patient Assistance Program—to keep affordable medicines within your reach. This private and confidential program provides medicine free of charge to eligible individuals, primarily the uninsured who, without our assistance, could not afford needed Merck medicines. Individuals who don’t meet the insurance criteria may still qualify for the Merck Patient Assistance Program if they attest that they have special circumstances of financial and medical hardship, and their income meets the program criteria. A single application may provide for up to one year of medicine free of charge to eligible individuals and an individual may reapply as many times as needed. A partial list of the Merck medicines offered in this program is included on this Web site.

This Web site will help you understand the program material. If you have any questions, please call 1-800-727-5400, 8:00 AM–8:00 PM ET, Monday through Friday, and a live operator will be available to assist you.

Physicians and other healthcare professionals inquiring about the Patient Assistance Program may contact Merck by calling 1-800-994-2111.

Who May Qualify

If you have been prescribed a Merck medicine, you may be eligible for the program if all 3 of the following conditions apply:
You are a US resident and have a prescription for a Merck medicine from a doctor licensed in the United States.*


You do not have insurance or other coverage for your prescription medicine.
Some examples of other insurance coverage include private insurance, HMOs, Medicaid, Medicare, state pharmacy assistance programs, veterans assistance, or any other social service agency support.


You cannot afford to pay for your medicine.
You may qualify for the program if you have a household income of $43,560 or less for individuals, $58,840 or less for couples, or $89,400 or less for a family of 4.**

At Merck we realize that sometimes exceptions need to be made based on the patient's individual circumstances. If you do not meet the prescription drug coverage criteria, your income meets the program criteria, and there are special circumstances of financial and medical hardship that apply to your situation, you can request that an exception be made for you.

Request An Application

Download and print out an application with instructions  
[PDF: 934 KB, 3 pages]

Patients can call 1-800-727-5400 toll free 8:00 AM–8:00 PM ET to obtain a brochure outlining the program and an enrollment application. The enrollment application must be completed by the patient and his or her physician.


Patients/consumers may request a brochure and application online.

Healthcare Providers/Office Staff:
(Also available to government, social service, or related agencies)
Healthcare providers and their office personnel can call 1-800-994-2111 toll free to obtain enrollment applications for patients and to request additional information about the program.


Healthcare providers/office staff may request patient applications and brochures online.

What You Need To Do

If you believe that you meet the guidelines for the Merck Patient Assistance Program and you have received a prescription for a Merck medicine, call toll-free 1-800-727-5400 8:00 AM–8:00 PM ET to obtain a brochure outlining the program and an enrollment application or click here to request a brochure and application online or download the application directly. After downloading the application or receiving your packet in the mail, follow these simple steps to submit your application for your free Merck medicines:  
1. Complete ALL information on the application form.

You may fill in the fields online and print it.
You may print out the form and fill it out by hand using a black ballpoint pen.
2. Take the completed application to your physician/prescriber. Both the physician/prescriber and the patient MUST sign the application.

3. Have your physician/prescriber write your prescription(s) in Section 2 of the application.

A single application may include prescriptions for up to 3 Merck drugs.
Each prescription may not exceed a 90-day supply at a time, with a maximum of 3 refills.
Each application is valid for up to 12 months; after 12 months a new application will be required. Under certain circumstances, enrollment may be limited to a calendar year.
A separate Merck Patient Assistance Program application is REQUIRED for each patient.

4. Mail completed applications to:

Merck Patient Assistance Program
PO Box 690
Horsham, PA 19044-9979

Please Note:

Incomplete or incorrectly completed applications will be returned.
Section 2 is your prescription. There is no need to write your prescription on a separate prescription form.
Patient's prescription will be sent to the patient's home address unless otherwise requested by the physician/prescriber in Section 3 of the application.
For additional applications or assistance, please call 1-800-727-5400.
Other Important Information
Please discuss the risks and benefits of all medicines with your doctor and take only as prescribed by your doctor.

Medicines distributed through the Merck Patient Assistance Program are free of charge to all eligible patients. Merck is not associated with any individuals or organizations that may charge patients a fee(s) to assist them in completing applications for our program. These individuals or organizations are acting independently of Merck & Co., Inc., and do not have Merck's consent.

Merck reserves the right to change or discontinue the program at any time."

Good luck!
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Thanks,  im just impatient.with the holiday I didn't expect to reach anyone tomorrow. my dr.office has the applications waiting for me..just hard waiting knowing that my tx is in the balance...wonder how easy our hard it is to get approval.
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Thanks for that information! I was on the Merck   cares site but didn't catch those guidelines.we are a family of 4 and def under 90k a year. I'm going to file thru the docs office as they have more experience and an ongoing relationship with the reps. I think no matter what Ill be ok. we won't have insurance for 4 months inbetween jobs.
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Get to work on the right away. They ask for a lot of paper work to prove the income.you do not want to miss a dose.
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I hope a month its enough time!
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I wish u luck . No one would help me becase i had a very small amt retiremnt from a place I worked so they said u got spend that  u dont qualif . unreal beleive me it was small amout
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I can not afford health insurance & have trouble affording my medication from time to time, a man gave me a card which kind of works like a coupon but for prescriptions! I don't know how it works but it is a little miracle, it saved me $22! All I have to do is hand it over to the pharmacist when I pick up my medicine. Their is a website on the card, says you can print one out for yourself & try it, if you would like to, maybe it will be a blessing to you as well!  www.dawsey.provisionrx.com  Hope this may help you to :)
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FREE PRESCRIPTION DISCOUNT CARD! Save up to 75% on Brand-Name and Generic Drugs




Check the pharmacy list to make sure your pharmacy participates.
Then print the card from the website and present it to the pharmacist to receive your discount on all your prescriptions. No personal info necessary unless you want cards mailed to you. You can ask the pharmacist what your savings discount is over the phone, by simply supplying the information on front of the card. The free discount prescription drug card we distribute saves up to 75% (on average 25% on brand-name drugs and 65% on generics).

It can be the difference between someone in need filling a prescription or doing without.

These savings are based on the fact that we have over 58,000 pharmacies processing millions of prescriptions annually. The bearer of this card will always receive the lowest price available for any particular drug at their chosen pharmacy.

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Manufacturers: Pegasys is made by Roche, peg intron in made by Merck, as is Victrelis. I thought that the approval for Vitrelis specified use only with peg intron...or am I confused (brain fog)?
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try Roche Laboratories they gave me my treatment` good luck!!
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