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Military Vet and Jet Gun Recipient

Fort Jackson April 1978.  I was 17 years old. I received those memorable Jet Gun vaccines as all those who shared experiences on the MedHelp  Communities Hepatitis C "Military Veterans" forum. I received Jet Gun inoculations twice. During boot camp and again before going overseas. In Germany I became sick, throwing up, my eyes were yellow, had a nice fever. I was quarantined at the hospital and all they said was I had hepatitis unknown virus, they also referred to it as non-A non-B. 2 weeks in the hospital, in quarantine. My 18th birthday was spent isolated. I recovered. Honorably discharged in 1981 and released from service in 1983 (2 years reserve). In 2003 I was told I had hepatitis C through my physician. I reported that I had hepatitis in the service but it was non-A non-B. I learned about hepatitis C then from my doctor. 25 years after being treated by the military while in Germany, I was denied treatment from the VA because I had no service connection. My doctor attempted to treat me but it wasn't effective. I didn't have cirrhosis at that time. My health was failing and ended up in the hospital in 2018 with SBP. I was told I had cirrhosis.1978-2019. The VA decided to treat my hepatitis C in 2019, which I was grateful as I still had no service connection. I don't know why they didn't me in 2003 when I didn't have cirrhosis. 41 years of hepatitis C and finally they did something. Well, they did care for the hepatitis in 1978 in Germany when they didn't know what it was. I'm still fighting the VA for service connection. They story is insane and a CUE, as I have military medical records that verify my military hospitalization for hepatitis unknown/non-A, non-B. The VA failed to help me so it encouraged me to help others. I have a website in development, hopefully done by Sept 2021. The website is HepCVetBuddy.org (I also have hepcvetbuddy.com) and it was inspired because the Ignorant VA and C&P examiner. It is a website that you basically enter your hep C and service time & location and you will be matched to all other website users that entered the same time and location. So I can tell those Fort Jackson 1978 Jet gun recipients that I have type 2b and together we can submit our information and be heard by the VA. Please look for the website within the next month, it may help you find enough veterans that can nexus your hepatitis.
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I was at Fort Jackson in 1979.  My genotype is 2b as well.
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The hep c military nexus registry will be completed sept 1, 2022. Been working on this since early 2021. look for an email to complete your registration. Spread the word ! If the VA cant prove it maybe the website members can !
The website HepCVetBuddy.org is not being used. the HepC Military Nexus Registry is the website , just to clarify because of the original post
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