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Monday Thread - Have a Side Free Week and All Posts

Just making sure we don't lose it...kids are home from school for the holiday ;-)

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always nice to see you post...congrats on weight gain,hope it went to the rite 'spots'--i keep gaining hair in all the wrong places--can i do a comb over w/ backhair??--Enjoy your Day
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You know I'm a GIRL and having sort of the same problem!  I mean hello what is going on with my eyebrows? It's like pluck pluck pluck...then I even noticed some hairs on my upper lip oh MAN pluck pluck pluck...it's out of control!!!!

I REALLY think this junk makes you grow hair like crazy but not where it SHOULD be growing!

I just went to the dentist - I need at LEAST THREE root canals and have about 15 cavities.  NICE!  Why did I put this off for so long?  Oh yeah dumb IDIOT I am!

He said well in addition to you not coming here for a long time...the medications (yeah I told him right away) are eating your teeth (plus the years of my addictions didn't help).

Looks like I'll be paying for his vacation in France or something...insurance is helpful but doesn't cover it all!

I'd advise anybody to stay on top of their teeth during treatment and not put it off and off like I did cause all I really did was bring myself the horror of root canals and deep cavities and spending a ton of money.

PS I don't want to gain the weight back yet...I want to keep eating like a crazy pig! I LOVED not having to count calories for the first time in my life LOL!  BEST part of treatment!

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At least now I know why I was so sick the past five weeks.  Now that I'm on new side effect meds I am feeling better and more able to handle this for 36 more weeks.

Just got my 12 week results this morning  (1b, 14/48, beg VL 1,220,000)

AST 60
ALT 53
WBC 5.2
RBC 3.62
HGB 11.0
HCT 33
RDW 15.8
TSH 36.13  (normal .35 - 5.50)

Everything else was in normal ranges.  OH yeah, I also have a lung infection that he gave me antibiotics for.

PCR viral load - UNDETECTED  Yeah, I know I should sound more excited.  Valorie
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That is such great news!!Couldn't be happier for you(cept of course if you didn't have a lung infection). Hope you feel as good as your news. how's that hglbn compared to your normal?
Good thoughts your way,
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2. Everyone Hates Chris (WWOR)
3. Dancing with the Stars (WABC)
4. American Idol (FOX)
5. The Three Stooges (SPIKE TV)
6. House (FOX)
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Great News for Ms O!!  Congratulations!  Take care of yourself now and get rid of that infection!

NY and Beam,,,,LOL yep those meds do crazy things,,,Kinda like they are testing you to the max to see if you can handle anything thrown your way!  The hair thing is crazy,,,,losing it all spots you don't want to and start growing it on the face like a gorilla!  I never could figure out why it does that...I could see the losing of hair on head but there definitely is no reasoning for the other haha

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