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More than one round of interferon therapy.

It seems some people have relapsed or did not respond after interferon treatment. When this happens do you then try Pegintron vs Pegasys or visa versa? Does the insurance company usually go along with this? Has anyone tried Zadaxin? I know it's not approved in the US but apparently OK for personal use as prescribed by a foriegn pharmacy. I have 1b with very high viral load ,which apparently is hard to treat. Anyone able to clear with my condition? I hear Pegasys is the better one, easier to tolerate and slightly more successful. I don't want to make the wrong choice and have the insurance company turn me down for further treatment. What to you think the chance of telling a doctor that you have Zadaxin and have him turn a blind eye while treating you with Interferon/Ribavirin? I would'nt want to take Zadaxin without him being aware of it. I feel like this is my best shot, since Zadaxin is approved in 34 countries and showing very good response for the hard to treat group, that I am in.
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This is my second time on tx. The first time was Pegintron combo for 48 weeks, after months I relapsed. I am now on week 71 of 72 taking Pegasys, copegus combo. While I still have plenty of sides effects including hypothyroidism (due to tx)they don't compare to how sick I was on the pegintron.

The insurance company gave me a harder time getting approved the first time than when I started round two. They never questioned having to do tx over or when I had to start procrit and neupogen.

Unfortunately I am not to familar with Zadaxin or its side effects but I still don't think it is wise to do two different types of therapy at the same time especially when there are so many sides and precautions that the doctors have to watch for.

Good luck to you. Kim
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Miles Andrew would be a good person to talk with about this.   His website is full of information on xadaxin (thymosin) and he's been through the tx wringer, so is knowledge is fairly encyclopedic:  http://www.mkandrew.com.
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You should definately inform your doc. They need to know what your taking. I was going to take it also if I didn't have a 2 log drop by 3 months and my doc was ok with that. I had the 2 log drop but wasn't clear so I opted for extended tx. My hepatologist recommends 48 weeks from clearing. I did 71 weeks. I chose pegasys combo for the same reasons you mentioned. Zadaxin is very expensive and insurance won't cover it. I think back then it was about $800 a month from the pharmacy I spoke with. My insurance com[any was fine with how long I was on tx but others are more restrictive. It should tell you in your policy. I wish you the best. Making all those decisions is just so hard. LL
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I live close to Las Vegas. Know of a good doctor? One like Layla's, that might be cool with Zadaxin? I would go to Dr. Cecil in Louisville, if he wasn't so far away. I read that you have better odds of responding to interferon if you haven't taken it before? For this reason, including possible insurance issues, I want to take my best shot, pun intended. My Doctor retired. The Gastro group in my local small tourist town shoves you off to his nurse. I haven't met him in the 2 1/2 years that I have been going there. That won't work for me. I put a note out to Miles, thanks for the tip.
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iam going on shot #5 iam 1b 11 million vl, mind if i ask what your vl is
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