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Mouth sores

I'm on week 4 of the triple therapy and for 2 weeks now I've had fever blisters on both sides of my mouth, sores in both nostrils and my tongue is raw and burning, I can hardly eat or drink anything. I go to see my dr. this Friday, but has anyone else had these problems and what did you do to treat it? Thanks to everyone in this community. I've found lots of helpful posts.
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Yes, a friend of mine had that right at the beginning of therapy, thank goodness I didn't have to go through that.  She got rid of them.  I dont know what she did, but I will check with her.  I hope you get rid of them soon, thats a tough introduction.  feel better
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Welcome Tami.  I don't have an answer but truly feel for your discomfort.  Can you please tell us which meds you are on in triple tx?  Incivek or Victrelis??  Please let us know what the dr says.
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Try a nasal flush with saline to help start healing your nose - you can get what you need at the drug store.  I think it will help.  You might try rinsing your mouth with saltwater too a few times a day.  Someone said Vagisil really works for the corners of the mouth.  I hope you feel better quickly.  
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Thanks for the replies. To beblessed. I'm on Pegasys, Copegus and Incivek. A wicked combo, for sure. I'll try some of the suggestions and after my appt. I'll post what the Dr. says. Thanks again.
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I am on peg+riba+incivek, shot 9 is Thursday. I get canker sores! Often now, in fact I usu have one or two at the same time. As soon as one heals, I get another! Doc said it was a side effect of the meds. Researchmonkey mentioned a saline flush to help with your nose. Look into a neti pot. Makes it easy to do. Dr. Oz has a nice demo video on his web site on how to do it. It sounds scary but it easy. Also saltwater mouth rinse. My nose tends to do that too. Drug store variety triple antibiotic ointment dabbed on the sores help alot and help control the little bit of bleeding that they sometimes do. Good Luck!
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I created an account just for you - equal parts Mylanta and Benadryl liquid == Magic Mouthwash.  Rinse and spit or swallow for help with sleep.
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Hi, not sure if this is similar but about 6 weeks into Incivek I woke with what I can only describe as a burning mouth.  It was tight dry painful, no saliva.  It was as if I had eaten a very hot cheese pizza and it hurt so bad I could not eat or talk
I know there is something serious SJS (I think it is Stevens sojorne..) that Incivek can cause but I don't think that is what it is as I don't have all the symptoms.  I am using magic mouthwash and also biotene gel to sooth it.  It is mainly the tongue now
From what I have read a lot of us get side effects that affect our mouth
Please share if you have found anything  NYGirl had a problem with her mouth the entire time she was ontx and it did not go away till she was done (72 weeks!)
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I have had this for 16 weeks and finally healed it with  Miconazole 7.
I have used this for years for this problem, I think it is Yeast causing this, same problem cracking ,painful, as I said I have used for years on and off, Dentist said it was fine and thought I had figured it out.  
Just dab a little on it a couple times a day it responds quickly, day or so pain will be gone, healing takes longer
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I eat yogurt and parsley to help with canker sores, the parsley has lysine in it.
But I'm finding I have to avoid certain foods. No more tons of fresh ginger root for me, it makes my mouth burn.
Good luck
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   When I was on TX i used to literally inhale salt water up my nose. kind of  like gargling with your nose. and then blow it out. Not to be disgusting but it was like christmas time coming out. All of this green and red stuff, but it helped a lot to keep it clean.
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