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Mouth sores

Any info on dealing with non-stop(8weeks now)mouth sores. I believe it to be oral lichen planus as Ive had it intermittantly before TX.Since starting peg-intron/riba combo it is worse and non-stop.Thanks
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ive struggled with them all thru tx.  very painful to have blister like sores on the tip of your tongue. my whole tongue is sensitive and gets raw very easy.  i use a solution of food grade peroxide mixed with water that seems to help.  ive never bought any of the other products ive seen recommended for it except biotene toothpaste.
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I have the same issue....it is horrible on my elbows and my mouth is not as bad.  I was prescribed "magic mouthwash" from my GI.  It is a mixture of maalox and lidocaine and purified water....I am not sure if there is anything else in the mix...most pharmacists know what it is.  It works for me....best of luck.
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I had the mouth sores for about a week.  Haven't come back since.  I rinsed my mouth with a salt water solution that seemed to help.
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Hey Lori, I know you are really feeling freaked out right now, but maybe it will make you feel better to know that in 97% of cases of post-tx relapse, it happens in the first 12 weeks.  In the meantime, I never see doctors take cultures anymore and that is the one thing that could possibly identify your problem.  You don't need to have hep to have an imbalance in your system.  There are also dietary concerns if it should be yeast.  You need to really cut out sugar and lower your carb intake.  If you can talk to a nutritionist it may help.
Take care, take an AD, and know we are all here for you.
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Magic mouthwash, it's a miracle drug. good luck
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Its interesting to hear all this talk about mouth sores.Have only been diagnosed with hep c for 6 weeks but about 4 years ago these spots came up on my tounge(white rings with red centers).The doctor first called it thrush,ordered all sorts of tests.She said its always a sign of an underlying illness.So after a colonoscopy,bronchoscopy,tounge biopsy,and more(not to mention several thousand dollars in medical expenses they come up with something called geographic tounge(I think it was more like,don't know what this is so lets call it geographic tounge) but anyway now I really believe it may be connected to the hepc.The oral lichen planus pics I have seen look exactly like it.Go figure!                            
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