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My Hep C is undetected

I am a recovery drug addict.  I havent used in over 6 years.  I had tested positive for Hep C about 4 years ago. Last year I tested negative. What does this mean? I thought Hep C was uncureable?  The GI doc. says to me are you sure you have it. I am like yes I have records to prove it. Well he says dont worry about it. I dont see anything now.  I had the a full Hep panel done on me and the tests came back negative.  The tests were qualitative not quantative.  I do live a healthy lifestyle now and I exercise regularly.

Also, has anybody had any expereinces with telling their partner they have or had hep c before amd what was her reaction? I have fear of rejection when i tell the girl im dating I had or have Hep C.
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Maybe you had a false positive the first time? Was the first test also a qualitative?

Have you had your ALT and AST tested? They might give you a clue to what is going on.
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PCR Qualitative will definitely show positive if you have the active virus.  It will not give you a quantitative value (viral load) but what that test is indicating is there is no detectable virus.
Was your first test showing positive for hepc antibodies only?  If so, there is a 15-25% chance your immune system fought off the virus and you no longer have active hepc or you were in the acute stage and had tested positive by HCV RNA PCR but yet managed to clear the virus on your own.
You will always test positive for the antibodies.
Once we become chronic hepc is not curable unless treated with current SOC or trial meds.
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EIther you are one of the approximately 20% who's immune system spontaneously cleared the virus on it's own, the first test only tested you for antibodies (which won't say you "have" hep C but that you were exposed and cleared it) or the first test was a false positive.

It SOUNDS like you don't have it any longer but like zazza said - follow up just to make sure that your liver enzymes are in good shape.

Good luck.
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Thanks for your posts. No I wasnt in a chronic hep c stage. I had only used iv drugs for 6 months and detected hep c while I was in detox. These tests were done at the hospital by my primary doc so im sure it was a true positive. Maybe it was the antibodies and I dont know. I did not care back than but now that im clean its different today.  I am going to see a GI doc that specializes in Hepatitis and I am bringing him all my tests for him to look at and get some more thourough tests done and have him explain everything to me.
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my ALT was 22 and AST 14  back in 2004 but in 2008 my ALT was 38 and AST was 27. what ever this means? both shows in range
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My liver enzymes tested fine and i have never needed or taken meds for the Hep C
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Oh,  I have more results..........in 2005 my AST was 19 and ALT was 27.
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The definitive test for active Hepatitis C is the ‘HCV RNA’ test. This directly tests for the presence of virus, vs. the antibody test that checks for exposure only.

Good work getting (and staying) clean; take care—

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I can't really help on the tests I had the same thing happen I just went to another doctor and they confirmed my fears. As for brining it up to someone that you're dating….Just explain to them what it is and it's really hard to catch. Tell her not to use your razor or your toothbrush (ewww) or your nail clippers. Also, just remind her that if you get cut she doesn't need to help you dress the wound if you get cut. I've had to remind my fiancé about this time and time again. I'm reckless so I'm constantly doing stupid stuff and getting hurt and she always wants to help but I have to remind her she can't.

How long have you been dating this girl? I told mine early on and she said she didn't care she loved me any way. I also lucked out because her uncle got it from a blood transfusion so she knew all about the disease. Like I've said in other threads on here educate yourself and then educate others. If she really cares about you she will stay around but this is a tall order so if she's put off by it you can't blame her. How long have you been together?
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Given what you posted, there are numerous explanations for the information you been given. The bottom line, however, is that you do not have hepatitis C.

  What might've happened, and only mention a few possibilities, is that your first test was an antibody test in your last test in viral load test. If you tested positive with the antibody test that doesn't necessarily mean you have hepatitis C. other possibilities include  that you were part of the lucky hepatitis C population grew cleared the virus naturally on their own Or perhaps that your original test was a false positive. But again, if you tested undetectable using a qualitative viral load test, then you do not have hepatitis C. that said, if you're unsure regarding the testing, by all means get your own copy of your last test and feel free to post the report here. As to the antibodies, while the majority of people carry them for life, this is not always the case. So it is possible, that even the antibodies can disappear.

-- Jim
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We have been dating for 6 weeks and this weekend she is coming over to my place and I am confident that were are both wanting to have sex b/c in a way were are hinting about it to each other. So I know I will have to bring it up to her before than? And I know it really isnt an STD and its mainly caught by blood tranfers.  I guess I cant blame her but it still hurts. Thats something I have to deal with. Lifes lessons
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Better to just get over with like a band aid rip it off quick. Just tell her and get it out of the way if you explain she has little to no chance of catching it by following some simple guidelines that I mentioned before she probably won't even care. Good luck.

P.S. for all technical questions listen to jmjm and by the way welcome to the forum
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My mistake my recent results were Quantitative. im not sure what the big difference is but I think this is more sensitive than Qualitative. Therefore, more thourough. they look pretty detalied to me.
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Can you give us the actual wording of the results?
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There  is absolutely no reason to bring up hepatitis C with your girlfriend if you do not have it. If you want to ease your conscience, get your own copy of the test and feel free to post the results here.
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Can you give us the actual wording of the results?

Not really its all scientific to me. A lot biology stuff I cant interpret.  The doc didnt write anything in English regarding the results. He just told me "I dont see anything regarding hep C, Are you sure you have it?" I was like yes. I tested positive a fews back. He said well you dont have anything now. ??? I can scan the results, if there is somehwere to upload it tooo on here???
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you might be able to upload the scan to the "photo" section on your profile page. Not 100% sure on that.
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you could also try a public upload site like this one

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Its a tough one telling the whole truth to your new lady friend...if it was me...i would..because i feel one day the truth will come out....maybe show her the documented info on HCV and sex transmision and how low it really is....but also be prepared for her to get a shock...and maybe even just end it right there...follow your heart..not your head
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OK. I looked at my positve results and it shows this:
Year 2002 - Hep C Antibody     RPOS* RPOS* NEG(Reference)

As far as my other tests its 2-3 pages of stuff.  DO you need all of it? Or can I tell you one section of the results? I will type it here.

There is a section that says NGI HCV SuperQuant
hep C
less than 100 copies/ml
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From what you have explained and test results . You don't have hep c. Did a doctor tell you that you where positive ? There are doctors and nurses that can't read the results of many test. It is scary but it happens. Because your last test was negative you do not have HCV.  Get retested if it will make you feel better. also hep c is not considered a STD. Pratice safe sex anyway. Use a condom ;)
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helloo, i tested positive for hepatitis c 1.18 reactive, the doctor recomended a riba test to make sure  and tested negative. what it means?
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