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NY State Board of Health Letter

OK I know I am being stupid...I received a letter yesterday from the Board of Health saying I have a communiicable disease and telling me what I have (duh, nice a year later).

Well I felt REALLY sort of sad to read that my name was on some government list somewhere stating that I was diseased.

I know that is very irrational, I mean I knew it was reported - but somehow reading it made me feel very, very SMALL.

You know, the prejudice against our disease can so easily have that affect.

I was wondering if anybody else has ever received any notification by the state that you can no longer donate tissue or blood or body parts etc. because you are communicable?

It also containned a little tiny pamphlet on "Living with HepC" and told me I needed to get it all checked out LOL.

I guess the state is slow since this is week 46 out of 72 for me.
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As Dale Ray says so eloquently.....

We're the government.  We're here to help you.
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never recieved a letter and worked in health career 20 yrs with it..weird..oh well not like you need another confirmation that you are communicble..that means extremely likeable ;) just add it to the the wonderful agencies such as the cdc pile of paperwork lol.
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It could be an NY State thing. They could require medicos to report on a bunch of classes of diseases and stuff. My brother works for a NY county not far from you and always has stories about onerous things required by the state. Government agencies require a lot that normal-thinking people would consider invasive. I'm sure that when you achieve svr that won't be in a file anywhere, though.
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NY STATE: you can no longer donate tissue or blood or body parts etc. because you are communicable

Yeah, I got one of those letters a few years ago, but decided to write back to the lady that sent it.  In short, basically said -- wish you had warned me earlier when I donated sperm to you back in college. You probably don't remember me, but I never forget names.
Nah. Never got the letter or sent a letter back but if I do get one...LOL.
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We received the same letter from Ocean County's department of health back in the first week of March stating that my husband was infected with Hepatitis C.  "what you need to know about Hep C" was included in our packet.  Here' the kicker- The following Monday we go to the doctors to address this and start whatever we needed to.  The doctor looks at the chart  and says "what about the HIV"?  What huh....OMG.  Yeah the health dept. sends a letter about the hep but not the Hiv?  Can someone explain that to me.
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I received on of those letter from Lifeblood in the early 90's. I had no idea what it meant. I had to call them so they could explain to me what it was. I'm not real big on government list of citizens and find it to be another wack at our freedoms. What difference does it make advising you of something you already know and are dealing with. It's like the Engishman said, You chaps didn't like taxation without representation and broke away from the Brits. How do you like taxation with representation?

Don't let this letter ruin your weekend Debbie. It's like anything from our government. There is an idiot behind it and a 90% chance they are a lawyer which is the lowest form of humanity on this spinning ball. There are exception but not many. Climbing down off the box now. Love ya, Dale
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