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Need Help Interpreting Blood Tests for Hep C

Was diagnosed with Hep C in mid July. So far I have done an ultrasound, had bloodwork, opthamologist exam and just today had a liver biopsy.  The good news was some of my results were better than when my family practictioner got the initial results but where do I find the "Viral Load" number and what other numbers are critical?
Under HCV RNA Quantitive Realtime PCR it says
239824 H
and 5.38 H
Sodium  137
Potassium 4.1
Choride 101
Carbon Dioxide 22
Calcium 9.6
Proten 7.5
Albumin 4.7
Globulin 2.8
Albumin/Globulin Ratio 1.7
Bilirubin 1.0
Alkaline Phosphate 59
AST 26
ALT 42 (this was the only thing out of range)
Uric Acid 5.6
TSH 3rd Generation 1.60
Genotype is 1A ( I know this is the hardest type to treat)

Can i get some help feedback on this report? Thanks!
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Blood values look good.  ALT is slightly elevated which is not unusual with hepc.  Viral load is low.  

Hope your biopsy shows good results.  If so, you may want to consider waiting on the Protease Inhibitors expected to be released sometime next year and will be part of the standard of care.  

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Your viral load is 239,824 -- but it isn't expressed in copies or IU (international units) so I am not sure which it is.  Since it fluctuates daily, it doesn't mean much if it was higher on another day.  Either copies or IU, it is a fairly low VL..    Still, that doesn't measure liver damage.  When you get the copy of that report, post it verbatim here and all the livere geeks will rise to the occasion and try to figure it out.

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It was indicated in IU according to the report.

I had my biopsy done last week. It doesn't say much on the copy I have, not sure if
it's complete or not.
1) Needle core biopsy of liver:
      Benign Hepatic Tissue with Grade 0/4 portal inflammation (no appreciable portal
      or periportal inflammation), Grade 1/4 lobular inflammation (minimal lobular
      inflammation with minimal Hepatocellular necrosis) and Stage 0/4 fibrosis (no
      appreciable fibrosis). Special Stain for Iron is negative. Reticulin, Trichrome and
      PAS-O special stains are negative.
Comment: Evaluation of this material is limited due to a paucity of portal tracts.

Is this good news?
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