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Need advice for living with hep c

My mother and step father have been on and off for 20 years. He has been around for most of my life. He recently found out that he has hep c. I have struggled with OCD for years, and they refuse to see a doctor for advice. (He was tested at the health department,) Last night, they were over to have dinner with my family. He cut his finger on a plastic card, handed it to my daughter, who's 1, and wiped the small amount of blood off on his pants. I tried to talk to them about my concerns, but they get defensive, Is their a chance that my daughter is at risk now? Should he have handled the cut differently? What boundaries should we set with small nics and cuts to avoid possible exposure?
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Hello, I can understand your concern.  He should not have handed the card to your daughter.  HCV is only spread blood to blood so she would only be in danger if she had a cut or if she cut herself with the card that had his blood

I am not a doctor just another person trying to help.  If I were you I would be worried because they don't seem to want to discuss it.  It is a difficult subject.
Take Care
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Make sure they don't simultaneously slit their palms open, rub them together hard for a minute in a back and forth rotational fashion, and take an oath to be blood beings forever.

Other than that, probably needn't worry about it.
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What a rude comment. i have never been told anything about hep c. My stepdad is a recovering addict, and i am trying to learn to help him. Is the question really that unreasonable? Its spread by blood to blood contact. Okay, so does that mean my child is only at risk if the are both bleeding? What is she has a small scratch I'm unaware of? He isn't comfortable talking about his infection. I just thought there may be someone else who has it and has spoke with a doctor to get these facts to share with their family.
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Thank you. I appreciate you taking the time to be reassuring,
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Hep c is difficult to catch n a household setting and it does require blood to blood contact the most common was to catch hep c is from injecti
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Injection drug use with improperly sterilized equipment or blood transfusions also needle sticks in the medical community so hep c is not that easily transmitted. Even in long term monogamous couples the incidence is extreamly low to almost non existant in fact the CDC doesnot recommend those people practice safe sex.

However I have worked in jobs where I have had injuries that did result in bleeding cuts and I was always caotious not to allow a coworker near my injury to protect them from the possibility of getting infected.

Here is a link about hepatitis c  FAQ from the CDC I hope it helps


Good luck
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It's a good question and I don't think Scottie was trying to be rude

Many here are struggling with life and death situations and so it helps to laugh sometimes. Plus we get So many questions that are just over the top that it can be frustrating

Hep C is caused by blood to blood contact. Even if your step dad were straight all of those years, Hep C contaminated the blood supply worldwide before we even knew what it was so how he contracted the disease is not important  

This leads to unfair discrimination against people with Hep C

Your daughter is fine, I'm sure

It's too bad that you can't get your step dad to acknowledge and do something about his illness. If he does nothing, it will almost always get worse and even life threatening because Hep C can destroy one's liver

Thanks for reaching out to our forum
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As a fellow parent I do understand your fear and concern.  I was unaware that I had Hep C until last year.  Was married for 20 years, had 2 children, and had no knowledge of the virus.  Had 2 natural childbirths, had unprotected sex, and no one in my family contracted Hep C. My point, that
this is a difficult disease to catch.  Most often its spread thru IV drug use,  blood transfusions (my pathway) and rarely sex.
I remember before I knew that I was infected,  eating at a friends house whom had Hep C, and worrying that I would somehow catch it.  That was so naive and now understand my senseless paranoia.
I do think that your child is fine unless of course she also had an open cut.
It's a delicate subject to approach especially with a family member as we as patients feel embarrassed and at times like lepers.  It's why we get defensive.
As patients we should also act responsible and not put anyone especially children, in harms way.
Best wishes
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Although, Hep C is not easy to catch, it does have the potential to be infectious as any source of blood or blood products can carry the virus.  Folks who have hepatitis C are considered potentially infectious. He has a responsibility to be careful with any cuts to the skin, covering it to prevent the risk of blood exposure to anyone else.

Apparently, he doesn't know the risks.  Maybe you could get some literature and give it to him or mail it to him anonymously.  The man needs to know.
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