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Neuropathy in Hands

Can Hepatitis C cause neuropathy in both hands? Meaning you have severe horrible pains in both hands. Most doctors I have seen are "clueless" except for one Neurologist from the "cleveland clinic" who says that this is common with people with Hepatitis C. Yet my question is if someone had unprotected anal intercourse (6) months ago is it possible to experience these symptons so fast? Most people say they dont have symptons of hepatitis c until 10-15 years later, So I am confused. I have spent 3k in medical bills yet doctors take your money and give you "0" answers...................
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Well do you have HCV?

And if you do --- then how long have you had it?

When were you tested negative in the past?

If you had no past tests - you could have had HCV any time for any length of time.

YES - HCV does cause Neuropathy in some people.

I have incredible pains in my legs, hands and feet - lower back and neck - plus connective tissue pains.

Whether it was caused by HCV or the TX for HCV - it's really no different.

But it is common in patients with HCV.

I have been diagnosed with Neuropathy.

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I would think that the recoil and forward thrust motion would at some point have adverse effects on tendons of the wrist which could cause pinching of the nerves in the carpal tunnel area of the wrist which would cause a numbing or tingling in the hands and or fingers given the prolong exposure of the position. Just a WAG here.

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ROFLMAO --- Jasper... OMG - too funny --- I wasn't thinking of the ahem... that part of it...
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LOL, sorry but i have to ask regarding the anal, were you the pitcher or catcher?  You say you spent $3000 on medical bills, did that include a Hepatitis panal checking for any hepatitis?  not sure how we can help but a simple test will tell if your are Hep C positive. Best of luck

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He was the pitcher. You can read the whole episode on the Expert forum, where he asks Dr. D.

I think he got a hep c panel done and is negative 6 months after. He just really wants to have hep c, because of the symptoms. If yanno what I mean.

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That statement is completely innacurate I didnt come into this forum to make a fool out of myself but when people are in chronic pain  and in constant worry because of the symptons they have  it can make them seem like an easy target to make fun of.

What I asked the doctor was "could I have a false negative for HCV at (6) months because of the several steriod block injections I have had within those 6 months.
I have almost every sympton of hepatitis c and I understand symptons are only an indication that there is something wrong it doesnt mean that you have HCV. So I think I have every right to ask questions because "knowledge = power"  I want to try to educate myself on the virus and if I am fortunate enough not to have the virus I will educate other people on it.
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