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New Hepatitis C Drug Has Steep Price Tag

Because it will more than double the current cost of treatment, the Fair Pricing Coalition is furious about the price affixed to Incivek™, the newest approved Hepatitis C medication.

Fair Pricing Coalition Says Vertex's Incivek Price 'Outrageous'

May 25, 2011

The Fair Pricing Coalition is again sounding the alarm regarding the price of newly approved treatments for hepatitis C, this time questioning the cost of Vertex's protease inhibitor Incivek (telaprevir). The advocacy group is concerned that Incivek's price tag of $49,200 per 12-week course will adversely affect the ability of people with HCV to access the drug, while also setting an excessively unreasonable future price point for the many hepatitis C virus (HCV) drugs in the pipeline.

"Merck's Victrelis costs $48,400 for 48 weeks of treatment," said FPC member Lynda Dee in a statement from the organization. "Now Vertex has set a price approximately four times greater than Victrelis for 12 weeks of Incivek treatment. While we welcome a shorter course of Incivek treatment, both price points are outrageous. What is worse, you can bet that no future HCV drugs will be priced less than Victrelis and Incivek. What a terrible way to begin!"

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Outrageous, and yet another reason why Obamacare or healthcare reform in general is needed in the US.  It won't be long before another country grabs some Incivek's and puts them through a drug mass spectrometer and figures out what's in them and makes their own to sell cheaper to the rest of the world.  just my 2 cnts.

Luckily some ppl have clinical trials to take care of the costs!!
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that puts non insurance covered "off label" use practically out of reach
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Development of new meds is expensive; scientists, labs, test tubes, electricity, trials, reporting, factories, crash test dummies, coffee, advertising, government requirements....You expect them to sell this stuff for the price of an aspirin? And, what exactly would "health care reform" do in this situation?  Make this stuff cheaper to develop?

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And, what exactly would "health care reform" do in this situation?
I'm not sure it would do anything but nothing changes if nothing changes.  It's proven fact.    
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There is a certain amount of years before they can sell generic versions here I forget how long but I would guess they know they gotta squeeze out every nickel before then.
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Don't forget, they're is another player involved as well, JnJ..Vertex gave up rights to market the drug vx 950 in Europe (I believe they only retain North America now)..Cost to develop exceed $1,000.000.000, then there is marketing costs, rep costs--Free assistance costs..Now figure in the actual volume of the drug sold, as Flguy put it, compared to aspirin..
Have you seen cancer drug prices?
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