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New Meds

Hello group :)

Does anyone know what's going on with the new meds?  I did 48 weeks ot treatment and relapsed 30 days after I stopped.  I am not going to do interferon and ribavirin again, but I will do one of the new meds once they are available.  Just wondering what the news is on when they will be available.

Thank you - Sunny
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Telaprevir is expected to be out in 2011.
You have to take interferon and ribavirin with the new meds,so it's three drugs.
As you are a relapser your chances of suceeding with the new regime are excellent.
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Hi, there are a number of new meds as mentioned there is telaprivir, there are others though which show real promise. 2 really worth watching are bavituximab and chronvac c. The first bavituximab is a monococcal antibody, it attaches itself to fats which are pushed outside of cell Walls which are infected by viruses and flags these cells fir destruction by the Immune system. The idea being if the cell dies the virus dies too. It works not only for hep but moat single stranded viruses including HIV. The armerican dept. Of defence was pretty impressed with it so much so that they invested so
ewhere in the region of 44.5 million to research on the drug in the hope of possibly using it as an anti bio warfare drug. I also read a release from the company who makes it (peragrine pharma) and the language used in thus release was very positive and very unlike the very safe language normally used by these companies. It was very much along the lines of we ain't looking to be an add on to RIBA and pegintron rather we are looking to replace it. The info on sx isn't great but from what I can gather the sx of this ain't nothing compared to soc. The second one chronvac c, is a theraputic vaccine which is delivered via an electron DNA delivery system, from what I can gather this means u get the jab then another in the same spot that runs a current into u, this in turn makes little holes in your cell walls that vastly improve the uptake of the vaccine in your system. The first trial is on going, your given one jab monthly for 4 months. The low dosers didn't have any t cell response but most on the high and medium doses had a very good response. Somehad a reduction in virus in the blood of 99.7%. The highest dose results are going to be released in nov. And also follow up ir currently being done to assess if the treatment is getting to viruses in theluver itself. Again very opimistic language from this company. But I suppose time will tell, oh and again the sides for this one seemingly were of no great concern. I for one would love to see a trial of these agents combined, I'd certainly be willing to try it imagine the vaccine one killing the virus while thethe other killing the cells it hides in? Ain't payback a ***** ha ha. But seeingas both of these agents thus far appear to be safe I think a combined trial sooner rather than later is really needed. Hope thus was of some help.  
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Watch for the first Protease Inhibitors, teleprevir and its competitor's boceprevir in late 2011.  To get a look at what's coming up (but years more down the road) look at the Natap site for hcv meeting reports at :  http://www.natap.org/hcv.htm
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There is a lot of info on HCVadvocate.com showing all the drugs in development, the phases they are in and the latest news on each.

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As I posted a few months ago. I spoke to a rep at Vertex and they are applying for a license for Teleprivir in late 2010, so it may be out before late 2011. it's up to the FDA, in which I have a contact at that I can shmooze and get some answers. Chin up, I'm in the same boat as you and many others. Eat well, don't stress, don't drink, exercise, take your supplements and you will be fine...

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