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New Trial without the dreaded Interferon

I had a liver biopsy and was diganosed with stage 2/3.  I believe Ive had hep c for approximately 35 years.  I am now 63.  I refuse to take that horrible Interferon which in my opinion should be taken off the market for its side effects.  There is a new trial with drugs called ABT450, ABT, 267 and ABT 333.  The side affects are not as severe as the previous regimine.  

Has anyone here been on this or have any direct knowledge of the new trail.  The trial may or may not include Ribavirin.  It is for Geno Type 1 Chronic Hep. C.

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Millie if you could have eliminated interferon a decade ago because of the side effects it would have resulted in many many deaths.  We still do not have a stand alone therapy that has been proven to work or proven to be safe that can cure people w/ HCV.
    It is very true that it is a tough treatment.  It is true it is not 100% safe; there are risks.  I've got several friends right now that have cancer that would gladly trade the risks that we have versus the outlook for a cure which they have.  
    As is sits..... there is no cure for HIV, modern medicine can only keep trying new drugs to fight it.  One day there will be a cure for HIV; but it is not here yet.

Hepatitis C....... IS a virus for which there is a CURE. The toughest to treat genotype 1 has HAD about a 40-50% cure rate with about one year of treatment.  The NEW approved treatments bring that into the 70-80% range and i don't believe that they have been tweaked out to net us all that they can.  We are tremendously lucky to have the treatments that we do have.  
   If you were take interferon out of the current mix of therapy it would virtually cease to work.  My point is that we need this drug right now.  It isn't perfect.  It isn't easy, but without it there is virtually no cure.....today.

We are all excited about the new drugs, the new possibilities.  By the way...... the abbot trial you speak about...... I first heard about the earlier small trial 1/2 year ago.  If I was given a choice...... I'd pray for the arm with the riba.  
     A while ago I declined a Vertex quad therapy trial.  Even with 2 cutting edge PI's the arms without IFN and RBV were stopped/closed; people in the no SOC arms experienced viral breakthrough.  So...... you can see....you can understand what can happen when insufficient efficacy hits the virus; failure, or an unacceptable amount of failure.  

Yes...... the current drugs are tough and unpalatable..... but they DO cure people.


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oh, I dont know, but I would be leary of anything without Riba..........and the interferon may be nasty, but if it works, the option is even nastier.
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There are a number of trials going on with and without Ribaviron now.  If you can find out how strong or weak the drugs are that might be a good thing.  What are their resistance profiles?  I am curious as to why the Abbott trial attracted you?  It is good to know why you would pick Abbott's drugs over Pharmassets or Gilead Science?  They are not all the same. As long as you know why you selected it and feel comfortable with it, that is what matters.  But try to find as much data as possible.  
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Millie I sent you a private message regarding your post.  Your messages can be accessed by going to the top right of this page.
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Where are you at as far as clinical trials go, did you actually go to the clinical trial site in your area or have you just been reading off the internet?  I just glanced at the trials quickly but what I gathered is some or at least one was given with interferon.  If you haven't done so already find a clinical trial site in your area and go there or at least give them a call. good luck
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Abbott has had some excellent results in early  trials with their combined protease and polymerase Inhibitors,and I believe this combo has been fast tracked by the FDA.
This was a thread about early results (very encouaging,albeit small study )


Entering a  trial has many pros and cons  and always a good idea to research as much as you can before making any desicions on how or with what to treat.

Good luck..
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