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New doc, need opinions. HR

i saw a new doc today for a 2nd opinion and alot closer to home here in NJ. he was great and is very close with all the top docs on the east coast, including playing golf often with dr "A" from boston. i was very pleased with this new doc and he said something to me which almost made me fall off the exam table, he looked me dead in the eyes and "guranteed" that he will "cure" me of the HCV! he said no other doc will tell you this but i will. he said if "we" dont beat it the first time then the 2nd or 3rd time, but that he will stay in the fight  with me until "we" beat it. and i was more susprised when i found out his office is involved with several clinical trials. he offered to send me to boston for a fibroscan with dr A if i wanted it. he had the study nurse come in and talk to me about joining one of the trials. i was basically offered a choice of 3 trials, Taribavirin, NM283 or another one with the standard dose of the peg doubled per week and/or riba 1400 or 1600 per day. of course he gave me the other 2 options of waiting for a few years or tx with present combo.  i wish i could get into vx-950 but the one coming up is for non-responders only. he said the FDA will make all drugs in trials have a "non" responder trial before approval. anyway i guess my question is what some of your opinions are on these trials offered to me and would you try any of them and if so which one? some of my stats follow. thanks for your input

geno 1a
4 million vl
fibrosure F0 (0 fibrosis), A1 (minimal activity)
labs & US normal except ALT slightly elevated
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sorry for posting again but for some reason it cut the title off. just wanted to make sure jmjm & HR saw this post along with anyone else that would be kind enough to comment on it. thanks again :-)
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Copy: he looked me dead in the eyes and "guranteed" that he will "cure" me of the HCV!
Ask him to look you in the eye again and "guarantee" he won't screw you up with the treatment drugs. Your're F0, if I was in your shoes I'd grab a front row seat and watch the Vertex trial data roll in this year before doing anything. But you knew I'd say this. LOL. I'm sure other have their own takes. Any movement with that TCM fellow you mentioned?

Be well,

-- Jim
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Certainly take his offer to get a fibroscan but you can probably get it anyway as I believe the trial is still ongoing if you meet the rather lax requirments. The idea of treating and retreating and retreating again until you get it right -- as an F0 -- to acknowledges everything wrong with how some doctors view HCV. You know the expression -- the patient died but the operation was a success.

-- Jim
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BTW this kind of gung ho tx attitude is perfect for F3's and F's like I was before I treated. In fact, my doctor had a similar attitude and that's why I picked him. But again, I was a geno 1, F3. You're F0. Sorry for the fragmented posts -- multitasking while watching "American Idol" :)
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This is a heads-up to Beagle Bailey about Copyman's comment about taribavirin.  Beagle, this is the stuff you've been looking for - may be time to look into further....
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my tx meds are coming in the mail on thursday, this time for sure. i am in NJ and would like to know if there's a good doc here, or jmjm you had said nyc. i don't know how much knowledge my doc has, but i want to make sure i have one that knows alot about this disease. the last time i went to my gastro, i had picked up a copy of my bx, just in case my dos didn't receive it, since they said they'd call when they got the results, but didn't. my doc says, no i don't have your results when i got there, then low and behold, she doublechecked and it was right on the front page of my med file, DAH! just want to know i have a good doc. if either one of you know a doc, i am in monmouth county, nj. thanks so much.
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