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Newby starting tri-therapy for HCV

Hello Everyone,   I will be starting my tri therapy in 4 days and I'm starting to freak a bit.   I have been waiting 10 years to start, however my GI didnt think the timing was right due to my mental health.  Depression, Anxiety & Fatique has been a part of my life for over 10 years now, which I am being treated for also.    
I will be going to the GI on Friday, Sept 9 for my initial Mock daily dosage & shot, along with some information and training.   Looking forward to sharing with everyone through my journey.      Hugs !
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Hi there-

I haven't yet treated so I can't offer any words of advice but just wanted to welcome you and wish you luck. I've been reading around these forums and a surprising number of people here are on the triple therapy. It all sounds quite encouraging in terms of how quickly viral loads drop, etc.

One of my greatest fears about treating is the impact on my mental health. Hell, I sometimes want to kill someone just for blocking the subway doors... but that's another story.
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welcome; i will offer some advice about this concern. many of us went on antidepressants prior to tx in order to prevent(prophalactic) mental health issues like depression, anxiety, anger. i started and antidepressant 5 years ago when i planned to treat and found that it was very helpful. when i finally treated the dose was increased. i still had some days when patience was not high but hate to think how i would  have been with out meds. now i am in the process of lowering dosage in hopes of eventually being off. it is also good to tell family and close friends that u may be emotional during tx.
keep reading to learn as much as possible about tx, how to manage, what to eat, how to deal with work and home issues. there is alot to learn and this is a great place to study. all the best to you, babs824
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Congrats on getting started. Depression can be a side effect for some when treating,.especially for those that have had issues of clinical depression in the past.
As babs mentions if not on an AD currently..it may be a good idea to speak with the G.I. about this.

Are you treating with Incivek or Victrelis?
There are many folks treating with one of these now.. so you can get some good advice . as your questions may come up....

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Thanks for the Congrats everyone.     I will be starting on Incivek , Pegasys, & Riba Sphere.   I go Friday for a mock trial on the meds.      Currently on Lexa Pro, Ativan, & Propranonol for my Depression and GAD.   Have been taking these drugs for 10 years and have slowly increased them as time has went by.    My dosage just increased on the Lexapro and ativan and I am still increasing my Lexapro in small amounts.      I am so excited about started treatment for Hep C.   I am aware of the side effects, so I am not going into this blindly, however it is better then dying :)
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Thanks Kat.    So I am where you are !  LOL !   I guess in reality there is nothing to funny about it.    I have had HVC for a decade or so,  so at this time I am really thrilled about starting,    I have lots of concerns for my mental health because it hasnt been real stable in the past, but I am thinking right now I am in a really good place and I am on with the challenge of tx.    No better place then then current.    I am really concerned about the side effects of the incivek, and the all the rashes.   I am hoping that wont be my down fall, I cant take benedryl because I am allergic to it, so I am praying that it I will be one of those people who will fly through this like a breeze !    I am in stage 2 of Liver Disease, and also have what is called a "Fatty Liver" , so I have a few concerns with the amount of fat that will be going into my diet with the incivek dosage as well.   I just know all will be well, and I am hoping for you it will be too !     Keep your head on straight and stay positive.   We can do this together !    
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Hi, I am not on treatment yet, however I will be starting in Oct. My sister sent me this link on how to deal with some side effects, it seems to have some good info. I hope it can be useful to you..Good luck:)

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When you google the link I sent you click on the first or second site. It will read,

Jul 20, 2011 – A discussion of the whole body side effects from hepatitis C treatment (part of the Side Effects Guide), from the VA National Hepatitis C website.
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You get lots of support on here. We've all had the fear. And we fight it, and anything else that comes up, together. Welcome to the group. Best of luck to you! Karen :)
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Thanks peaches, Just went to the site and read all the information.     This is going to be the big juggling act , I am telling you.    I am not very good at eating a good diet to begin with so I guess I am going to have to get to the grocery store and stock upl.   Thanks for all the info, good read and very informational.    Carrie
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I'm also waiting to start. See doc Mon, so he can request Merke to pay for my tx. As soon as I get the O.K., I'm going back on Lithium/zoloft for mood stability, then onto the fix. I've made a commitment to not isolate, and have set up "gigs", I took to playin' guitar after becoming disabled 10 years ago, was tagged bi-polar during tx, and stocking up on jello, fruit and pasta which seemed to be the only things besides the 12 glasses of water that I could keep down Was taken off the lithium/zoloft 6 months after tx. Also, gonna use this group to bounce things off of. Last time, I only had "webtv", a shrink that worked on loss, and my dog, who made sure I went for a walk 3 times a day! Music seems to be the distraction that kept me going. It's great when I got the Interferon "heebee-geebee's" and get introduced as just makin it "off the road" to do this gig, looking like I went through a car wreck on the way! LOL...Be positive! All of us are in that "responder" percentile...It's the one's that don't post that ya don't hear about, that fall into the non-reponders. Find that one thing that makes you feel good and do it as much as you can. Bobby (oldsarge)
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Great Bobby !  So glad you are going back on tx.   It ***** that we have to get help just to save our lives , but Im greatful there are organizations and such that will .   I just to happen to have Medicare part D, with Humana.   And such having it, My co-pay's will be running about $4000. a month for the next 3 months, Which in turn I didnt have so I had to go the long route to getting help paying for the co-pay amount.    Even the pharmaceutical company for vertex ( incivek)  couldnt help because I DID have insurance !     Oh well.  
I ve been disabled for 10 years as well, due to the severe depression and GAD.    Started out taking minimal amounts of Lexa Pro and Ativan and finally have made my way up to a decent amount that actually helps.   My body chemistry is just messed up and I was allergic to so many things that I had to take everything in baby doses.   So needless to say it has been a very weird 10 year experience.  
At this point I am very positive and I am looking forward to the treatment.  I have lost so many friends and family to  this disease.   I live in SE Kansas and the numbers are shocking as well as the general public not even knowing what the disease is !!!!  Very sad.  
I am not looking forward to the side effects and am hoping I am one of those people who can take a shot and some pills and just get on with my life on a day to day basis.  I have plenty to keep me busy living on a farm and cleaning up old antique furniture , which is a hobby.    
I guess the real question is,  " Will all this fatigue, depression & anxiety go away ? " If I make it through tx successfully ?     Hummmmmmmmmmm  ??????
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