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Just a small update - Friday I will start my 6th week of just Sovaldi and Olysio.... feeling so healthy, no side effects, vision is improved, energy is improved and best of all..... the VIRUS IS UNDETECTABLE!  At the 4 week lab draw all my levels were still in the normal range too.  My Hep Dr. has many patients on this and I was the 3rd to start.  They all are doing incredibly well also.  They all have reported feeling better daily - this off label approach is a God Send!  Now I will finish out the 12 weeks - they will do the viral load test again at that time and then 12 weeks post treatment test again to declare me officially SVR!!!
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Love your name!  

What genotype are you? I am type 4. Glad to hear you are doing so good. I am doing the triple cocktail, Sovaldi, Pegusus, Copegus, only 6th day right now.
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Hooray!!! So happy to hear your news.  Sounds like you are well on your way to SVR.  
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1b with Cirrhosis- 3rd attempt
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GrammyA Super great to hear the good news.

hepc4Sandi  Best wishes for SVR
Your treatment is recommended by Infectious Diseases Society of America (IDSA) and American Association for the Study of Liver Diseases (AASLD)
Scroll down to IV. Genotypes 4,  
The first recommended treatment is the one you are on  (Copegus=RBV)
Recommended regimen for treatment-naive or nonresponder patients with HCV genotype 4 who are eligible to receive IFN.
Daily sofosbuvir (400 mg) and weight-based RBV (1000 mg [75 kg]) plus weekly PEG for 12 weeks is recommended for IFN-eligible persons with HCV genotype 4 infection.
Rating: Class IIa, Level B
There are other alternate treatments listed.
NOTE if you are prior treatment nonresponder then
scroll down to Genotypes 4, 5 and 6

Sovaldi and Olysio combination has not been recommended by the AASLD/IDSA hepatitis C Guidance for genotypes other than 1 at this time.
Don't know if any doctors and/or trials are treating other genotypes with this 2 drug treatment.
Since Granny is 1b it is recommended.
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Thanks for the update....I watch for you everyday. So very happy for you! Your success gives me the encouragement to keep at it to get the same....on my 2nd appeal now.

Again, kudos so very happy for you!
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Hi Jimmy, Yes, I have done extensive research on my genotype (4). My Hep C Doc said I could wait to see what comes down the line, but I didn't want to wait, I am 63, and down the line can be too far away, have had this for 30+ years, just found out I had it 4 months ago. I work with breast cancer survivors, and this is nothing compared to chemo and radiation (sorry, I just don't think so). So I have plenty of support, and thankfully can work from home while going through this. Wish I didn't have to do the Peg, but oh well, I am taking the dosages you described, I doubled checked the Riba dosage and it is correct, I take 3 in the morning and 2 at night. I am thankful for this forum, lets me keep things in perspective.
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That's GREAT news Grammy = congrats keep up the good work!!!
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Thanks everyone - you know I wish all of you success as well..... let's never give up till we get this virus gone!
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I'm so happy to read this! Thanks for sharing.  

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Great news.      One success story after another.    May this soon be the end of the line for this dreaded virus.      Kim
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I am so very very happy for you.  Thank you for letting us know how you are!

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I'm happy to hear you are doing so well.  That's just wonderful!

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thanks for your uplifting input. I'm a week behind you with my meds.
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