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Just want someone to celebrate with!  Genotype 3a, viral load count 252,000 went on Phase 3 experimental medication PSI7977 and ribavarin and in ONE WEEK....the virus is undetected!

One week!!!!! No side effects!  No shots.  2 pills of the 7977, and 5 of the ribavarin per day and my virus is undetected.  I'm actually pretty darn close to tears here! :)
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Awesome! As you know I had a similiar profile and the same results! Feeling blessed!
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Excellent!  Good luck the rest  of the way !  Tears of joy are allowed   :0)
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Wonderful News.
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Freakin'  Fantastic news. Congrats!
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That is great news. Congratulations!
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Great news!! You are in the palms of His hands.....God bless you and all the members of this site!...Fred
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Exceptional news!  Congrats to  you.  How long will your tx be in this trial?
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Great news! I am very happy for you!
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First, I thank all of you for your congratulations.  I am aware I still have a ways to go to call it SVR, but I'm happy about my rapid response!

Stormy, At this point I am scheduled to be on the meds for 12 weeks.  I see my case worker tomorrow and will find out more then.

A funny side note.  I emailed her yesterday asking about the viral load results and she said she didn't have them back yet.  Opened my email this morning and she had emailed.  If you can get an idea of what people are feeling when they email, it appeared the results stunned her.  (maybe what I read into it, I don't know)  It said, "Robin, virus not detected!  That is incredible!  See you tomorrow."  Can't wait to see her tomorrow and see if she is as stunned as I took her email to be. :)
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It must be just as exciting to them to see these amazing results. Finally some positive news to tell Hep C patients, instead of gruelling treatments and very little success. Let us know what she says :-)
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Just got back from the case worker.  here are the numbers.  The first number was at screening, the second number was the day they dispensed the meds, the third was last week
WBC 5.6, 5.2, 5.5
ANC 3.63, 2.89, 3.41
HCV 257,000, nothing marked down when they dispensed, UND
HGB 11.8, 12.6, 11.9
PLT 197, 249, 228
ALT 22, 21, 9
AST 19, 22, 13
Not many of those numbers mean much to me, however I have been watching my ALT and (obviously) HCV.  Both have decreased dramatically.  She was extremely encouraged because she said "they" are really looking at how the geno 3's respond as we are closer to the 1's.  So, one down and 11 to go!
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Congratulations, very happy for you!!
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Wonderful news!! Sooo happy for you!! :)
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Whooohoooooo!!!!! Congratulations!!!!!

This one of the most awesome to report I've ever come across.

I was a 3a and did 32 weeks, bedridden through the whole treatment with pretty bad side effects. Am SVR since 2009.

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Wow, I'm a 1a.....I've never heard that we were closer to the 1's (I guess in regards to how we respond to tx)....that's music to my ears :-))

Thanks for the boost this morning and GREAT news for ALL 3's :-)
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was rushing out the door when I posted that...Of course I meant that I didn't know the 3's were closer to the 1's in tx response.

How do you edit your post on this site?
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Congrats, glad to hear there are some new drugs out there for G3's.
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This is awsome news! Trully Blessed
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