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OTC drugs vs prescription intervention

I know we have had many many discussions about OTC meds, which are better, etc.  What I would like opinions on is the balance between OTC and the "right" prescription interventions..

I am going to talk to Dr. about ADs or pain meds, but not sure what to tell him I want.  After 7 months of tx (shot 34 down, 26 to go) he pretty much just does what I want him too, (OK, maybe being a pushy broad has it advantages..) Not sure what is the correct approach, I don't think I am depressed, I just get "wired" feeling, hyped up like, and irritable...ok, maybe more than a little.  I just called a fly a b@st@rd and told him he had to die.  And again, I ache so much I can't sleep, so the question  (((oooooohhhhh, swatting him on the back of my hand was both painful and gross....but the b****** is dead, and I'm lookin for his momma!!!)...is the balance between prescription drugs and OTC meds.  I can't imagine one or two pills specifically targeting symptoms can be worse than 9-14 ibuprofen a day??????  Will an AD help with the hyper feeling?  If I don't feel that way all the time, do I want to medicate?  It seems like I am like an ADD child, I am fine, but get hyped up at the drop of a hat...So do I need a sleep aid, or a pain medication?  Somehow, I know I am not the only one with these symptoms...

BTW waiting on procrit approval, HBG down to 10.6 from 11.6 two weeks ago..
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jus tfound this article on 48 weeks vs 72 weeks.

hope you can understand it.

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the only fun i had during tx was lying in wait and pouncing on them little buggers. it was safer than doing that to my spouse.

hgb 10.7 after 34 weeks is great. i am suprised it took so long to drop. if i could get by without procrit i would as the sides are bad. it can make the dif tween stop or go.
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ANGEL FISHIE DOC!!!!! GET YOUR BOOTIE UP TO THAT E.R.!!!!!! I can't believe you aren't there yet!! Any chest pain is an emergency!!! (Even a tingly finger gets in before a broken arm! Let alone chest pain!! Thats some serious sh*t my dear!)

I agree with the comparison between 9-14 ibuprofen and a simple pain med...gee whiz. I'm surprised you haven't got some already.

DIDJA GET HIMS MAMA YET?????? (hee hee hee) Don't hurt yurself this time tho!!!
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oooops...lol...I replied to the message you left in the Tired place on here too...so have you left for the E.R. yet??? ah hem?
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If you're having trouble sleeping, it's a no-brainer to me that you should go after that. I'm a fan of the ambian. Others prefer lunesta. AS for raceyness, well maybe ya want to ge a fuller coverage bikini and consider something more supportinve when you do the morning jumping jacks. Har-dee-har. Actually, we're it me, rather than a blanket AD, I'd try low dose ativan or vallium for the specific events. And sure, go for a pain med to. I had Ultram prescribed... but never ended up taking it.

As an aside, didn't you mention you had a girlfriend who had to take ADs for an obsessive habit of a self gratifying nature? Sounds like the ADs replaced what we she was gettin' from the diddling, if you ask me. Not too much of a stretch, if you'll forgive the pun, that a daily visit to the man in the boat might burn off that nervous energy that's got you a twitchin'.
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Goofers.... my sweetie is 58, and works long hours....most times he is just not "up" for another chore.....I'm going to put together a list, the pain med, I have not heard of it, whats that about??

Mekeela...I posted to you on tired site too...his momma is a red n black spot on my monitor now...they are going nuts out here!!!

Bobby-the HBG is both bad news and good news... i posted several months ago (fishdocs consult in archives) where I failed to meet the 2 log drop, went to a ribavarin expert and he upped me to 8 a day....with the lack of HBG drop cluing him in that I metabolize drugs too well...my HBG was still at like 13.5 after 3 months...I think he still thought my HBG would plummet after upping the riba..but it hasn't.  I am 10 weeks past undect at 24 weeks...
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