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Olysio Sovaldi tx/is it OK to color hair

I am on double tx and have had no sides sin 8/9. I was told by a major transplant center not to do anything different or eat different foods, but especially products used on body. Has anyone colored their hair. Mine is terrible and my gray is shining. I know this is stupid.
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I'm sorry, you're waiting for transplant or you already had one done? I had a bone-marrow transplant and just did treatment almost two months ago. I've just been wearing a wig cause I'm awfully vain, but sometimes I don't. Once I know I'm SVR and off all medications than I will tint my hair (with a semi-permanent tint that is less toxic) but only then will I do it. But that's just me. One's skin on the skull is particularly porous, and I certainly wouldn't tint my hair during treatment, especially bleach. But that's just me, to each his own and it's you and your doc's decision....
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Our responsibilities as people on transplant waiting lists include keeping  our doctor/clinic appointments, having lab work done as well as other tests in order to monitor of liver disease.

Notifying our transplant center when "changes" occur is also part of our responsibilities.

Examples of changes we should notify them about:

* Our health care insurance
* Our address or phone number
* Our caregiver support Team
* Medical condition (new or worsening symptoms or complications).
* Any possible Infections or fevers
* Any needed surgeries/hospitalizations for other medical conditions

We don't want to change anything that could affect our liver disease or the effectiveness of hepatitis C treatment. This would include any changes in our diet, drugs, supplements or vitamins.

It is always better to err of the side of caution when we are on a liver transplant waiting list. Some complications of advanced liver disease can be life-threatening if not addressed early. So if you have any questions or doubts about something happening with your health please call the transplant center and don't wait. That is what they are there for. If the situation can't be solved over the phone you may be asked to go to the hospital. I have been hospitalized multiple times both pre and post transplant and luckily they were able to manage and stabilize my medical situations.

Coloring your hair will not effect your liver disease. Unless the chemicals are toxic to the liver. If they are it should be listed on the box. If you are still concerned, call your center and have then okay it. I'm sure you won't be the first to have asked this question.

Best of luck with your treatment.
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How about things like dental cleanings when on S/O?
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My MELD isn't high enough to be listed yet, but I was wondering about the O/S tx. I have stage IV cirrhosis and all the side effects including HE, portal HTN, EV, you name it. I have been going to MC JAX since 2012 and they have me pretty stable. They are hoping to cure the HepC before tx or hope my liver kicks in a litte before and I won't need one. They said when you liver is not fighting the disease it will function better or maybe enough. Fingers crossed.
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I had my hair colored when I was on the same tx no problems!
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Hi.  I also go to Mayo Clinic in Jax.   Since clearing the virus my meld went from a 8 to a 6.   Hope that you also get good #s once cured.
Colored my hair, and dental cleanings while on Tx.  Didn't effect my outcome.
Good Luck
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"dental cleanings when on S/O"
Dental cleaning is only an issue for those who have cirrhosis because cirrhotics have weakened immune systems which makes them more prone to infections. Some cirrhotics can take an antibiotic as a prophylactic before the visit to reduce the likelihood of infection.

Many on transplant waiting lists are told to treat dental issues before they become too ill. Oral disease can lend to infection in those with advanced cirrhosis. I have had friends who had teeth pulled because they were too ill to have root canals performed.

After transplant we have to wait typically 6 months before even having cleaning done. This because right after transplant we are highly immunosuppressed and more at risk for all types of infections.

Each person's advanced liver disease is unique. So each person should talk to their transplant center and hepatologist regarding the safety of any medical, dental procedures.

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This is what most transplant centers are doing even for those on the waiting list as well as for those needing transplants with or without hepatitis C such who developed liver cancer after developing cirrhosis.

With the new treatments I hope you can be cured, live a normal life and never need a liver transplant. For us who could be cured in time we have been very lucky to have the life-saving option of liver transplant so we can still be living.

All the best to you!
(Starting Sovaldi. Olysio + ribavirin treatment tomorrow )
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I am so excited for you Hector to begin Tx once again.  You have become our
"Voice of Reason", and for that I am forever grateful.  Wish you such great success with Tx, and feel its now your turn to shine.  May you reach your so deserved goal of SVR, and enjoy your new beginning with good health and renewed vitality.
Thank You for all you do.
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Ditto what Livelife said!  Pat
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Good luck and thank you for for all the information you've posted on this forum which has helped me more than I can tell you. I will pray that you reach SVR with this treatment.
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You are a world of knowledge. You know I quit my Xifaxin, vitamins and anything else I hadn't used. This is my 4th go-round and I pray it is my last. Incivek almost killed me. Get those pills down. It is a cakewalk for all us on the other stuff before. To better days.
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I have colored every 6 to 8 weeks since my liver failed. My transplant team knows it, my hepatologist ok'd it during incivik treatment also.

Vanity is one of the top predictors of longevity. If we feel good about ourselves, we just feel better in general. I use a lot of tricks to keep myself from breathing fumes. My nutritionist helped me come up with a routine for that.


Better Days ARE coming,
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I agree with most things said on this thread. It is super important to feel good about oneself, etc. The reason I talked about semi-permanent hair dyes as opposed to permanent, and some other issues, is because of these conflicting studies that do indicate a semi-permanent hair dye would probably be the better way to go in terms of being carcinogenic, but you can read a few studies by The American Cancer Institute, National Cancer Institute, I feel it's a good way to stay informed - not trying to make anyone paranoid. I've read more than a few and most of the highly reliable cancer sites say about the same thing. Of course it's a personal choice and if one's doctor okays it, etc etc. I'm just posting this particular study as a means of supplying information so each person can make their own choice with the various types of studied information available. Hope I'm not being a pain...but I feel these issues are important enough for me to only use semi-permanent dyes. Thanks...

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I really appreciate that. My stylist has an organic brand she uses on patients who are on nasty medical regimes. I will ask her the brand.
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Before or after. Not whilst on due to potential bacteria getting into your bood via gums.  So just use a good toothpaste and be vigilant.  Dbz
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