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Opinion's on switching tx's..

I am wondering about switching to Pegasys if I go back onto Tx.
Has anyone done this?
I did 27 weeks of PEG-Intron /Rebetol and cleared somewhere between 12 and 18 weeks (labs were botched several times).
Most of you are aware of the troubles I have had with Tx lately..
I am still off all med's but the antibiotics. They now think alot of the infection in my system was due to a abscess in my molar and  one in my sinus along with the very low WBC..also anemia is still an issue. I go for root canal next week and  then back to the Ear-nose-throat doc.  I go tomorrow back to my PCP and get new labs drawn for the WBC and RBC etc.
I will say that being off the Tx med's for just a week has  made me realize just how  nasty I was feeling on them !
your opinions are greatly appreciated.


PS  I posted a couple of photo's on the hepsongs page. None real recently because  taking them could damage my camera.. lol
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If you cleared on Pegintron I would think that you would also clear on Pegasys. I did Pegintron and cleared but relapsed after stopping. Now I am doing Pegasys and cleared pretty quickly. I think you would be okay if you did Pegasys. My doctors tried to disuade me from Pegasys since Pegintron worked the last time. I prevailed upon them to let me try Pegasys because I had such a hard time with Pegintron. Thus far it has been a lot easier on me. Mike
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I like MikeSimon was on pegintron and cleared but relapsed after stopping (48 weeks) Now on Pegasys. I wasn't sure if I wanted to do it all over since it was SO hard on me the first time, My doctor suggested to go with pegasys since the sides seem to be easier. Bot am I glad I did the sides are MUCH easier although still rough at times but I will be on this for 1& 1/2 years. My counts went way down afer 6 weeks. I go for my 12 week test next week. I would really consider switching to pegasys if you were to go back on tx. Good Luck and God Bless
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Hi April, I'm glad you're doing better and that you've identified the cause of your immune crash. Moving around this world without our usual protective armor is a risky proposition. How low had your ANC gotten? I've had the pleasure of two root canals on tx so far - the 2nd one started to get infected but fortunately calmed down just as I was starting antibiotics.

IMHO it's pretty hard to find much evidence supporting pegIntron over Pegasys. Here, in table 2, is a <a href="http://hepatology2.aasldjournals.org/scripts/om.dll/serve?action=searchDB&searchDBfor=art&artType=fullfree&id=ajhep036s237#head1">comparison</a> of the side effect frequency in Pegasys vs. non-peg intron (this is the Pegasys field test data so there may be some bias). About the only reasons I've seen to  favor peg-Intron are if you require weight-based dosing adjustments or have high baseline VL (baseline VL has (negative) predictive value  with IFN-2a but not with IFN-2b). Best wishes for a speedy recovery.
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Sorry to butt in on a serious question, But Could Someone
please give me the web-site for posting pictures?   thank you.......      joni
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I too was peg-intron and rebtol.  I am a 2b and went on it for almost 6 months. When I went on tx I was 1350000IU, I was clear after either 6 or 7 weeks with <50 IU.  It stayed this way through the 6 months ( 24 wks ). Then I went for my post tx blood test after 6 weeks. I felt good, hair was growing back, had strength to go for my walks, etc.  Out of the apprrox. 49 side effects you can get, I had 50. I had them all and I really had it bad.  I never get side effects from any meds, nor do I have any allergies. My questions are, Is there a real difference between Peg-intron and Pegasys?  Has anyone taken Peg-intron and had a relapse, then decided to switch to Pegasys?  Were the the Sides that big of a difference? How was the final outcome with the other tx?  Also were you a type 1,  2 or 3.  Good luck and God bless you all?
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Type 1 and see above post for the rest. Mike
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