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Overweight (high BMI) and Treating...

I'm 1 month post treatment with SOC.

What is so wrong about people with a high BMI being encouraged to try treatment? If it doesn't work by 4 or 12 weeks they can just stop the way any other treater can stop. Why can't we be encouraged too? The reason I'm putting this out there is because I don't feel that there is a whole lot of support for the individuals who have a high BMI and are thinking of treating. In fact I've seen them discouraged!
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Isn't this the same thread as before again?

Nobody isn't hoping that you do not succed - quite the opposite in fact everyone hopes to God that you SVR but pretending that the data says it's OK to be obese and do treatment = same or better odds is just not true.

The FACTS are the FACTS.  Just like I knew not being clear by week 12 gave me harder odds - I accepted it and did what I had to do.  but nobody ever pretended that my odds were similar or better than a regular geno1 at all and neither did I.

However I knew people were hoping even harder for me to succeed so it filled the gap.  Still it was a difficult decision knowing that my odds were worse and one I had to make on my own, for myself.  Just as you did.  But nobody didn't encourage me just because my odds were higher for failure and thats what you are implying.  

Negative predictors are just a part of the equation the rest rests on faith and determination.

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NOT supportive, NYGirl.  The truth is, people with higher BMI are NOT supported here because they are not encouraged to seek tx.  They are told to "take a walk around the block".  Look at your response.  Kathy was asking for support in this thread.  The FACTS ARE the facts.  The fact is, high BMI is NOT going to negatively affect her.  It appears people want to keep telling her how it should.  I'm always amazed at how many people respond by shoving useless data in her face that doesn't pertain to her.  Don't you hear what she is asking for?  SUPPORT!  Those who want to continue to post negative data about high bmi and tx, start a new thread.  That's okay.  And I promise not to be one of those people who responds to others on TX by repeatedly telling them how the data stacks up against them.  
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I don't remember saying anyone hopes I don't succeed. In fact the thought that people here are against my success never occurred to me. And I never said it was ok to be obese and treat meaning it is equal or higher. I did say though that I don't think people should be discouraged from treating. I don't think I implying anything. I'm making a statement that if people want to try treatment, even if they have a high BMI, they should be encouraged.

I have respect for your preserverance during treatment. I think it took determination and guts to go the whole 72 weeks. I'm not putting you down. Why do you feel its ok to put me down.
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No one is trying to dash any one's hopes here.  If someone starts treatment with a high BMI, so be it.  It is a personal choice and to my knowledge there are no studies supporting a high BMI is a positive predictor.  The message is beware, look at the data that is presented and make a choice according to your own convictions.  That isn't discouraging people, it's giving them the opportunity to take a long hard look at themselves and the data and what they are comfortable with.
Cutting edge specialists and researchers from around the world have all concluded the same thing about high BMI and treatment so it's not a matter of validation if a person chooses to start treatment with a high BMI.
When the facts are given and the patient chooses to treat regardless of negative predictors it's irrelevant at that point.  It's up to the individual to encourage themselves whether others agree or disagree.

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I thought it was the med"help"'s objective to encourage and disseminate information. That is certainly why I came on here. To get information, advice and support. To take that information and advice, correlate it with my doctor's advice and make my own decision. After making that decision to seek support here and elsewhere.

I never said BMI is a positive predicator.
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I think in general the members of this forum encourage every member regarding their treatment.  I have not seen any particular group singled out for specific support (or non-support) whatever their diversity.  I suppose nobody comes on to specifically encourage persons with high BMI but neither does anybody come on to specifically encourage persons with (for instance) nicotine addiction.  
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That would be ideal.  But we are all categorized in one way or another, be it by genotype, or stage of liver failure, bmi, etc.  If someone identifies themselves as being in a specific category, and people continue to bring up useless information to them based on that category, we have now moved into the realm of talking about specific "groups" of people.  Referring to negative studies about tx outcome for a specific "group" (High BMI for example) in a thread where someone is requesting support is not supportive.  I hope this information is useful.  
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I believe clinical studies and the resulting information are useful, even when the information flies in the face of what we wish to believe.  You are entitled to your opinion, of course, but in my opinion facts are important, even unpalatable ones.

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Does it occur to you that Kathy's facts may be so hard for you to digest?  Why are they so unpalatable to you?  
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The problem with scientific research is that it gets into the hands of the uneducated who make broad and misinformed assumptions about what the data means.  Just my opinion.  I'm going to duck and cover now.  :>)  TTYL!  Off to work on a clinical research project.  Good luck to all you who are treating and/or considering treatment.  
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I guess that I will never consider Geno 1 as a difficult genotype to treat.  It's puts all people with Geno 1 in a negative category.  So, to all those with Geno 1 and cirrhosis, congratulations - it must be a very happy day for you.
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