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PEG Intron non responder after 16 weeks

I was just informed yesterday that I am a non-reponder after 12 weeks of PEG Intron treatment. I am enrolled in a clinical trial for Peg Intron and needed to have a 2 log drop in my viral load, mine is .93.

When I started treatment, my load was 1,267,442 IU, dropped to 92,854 WK2; elevated to 641,599 WK4 and I am now at 149,000 WK12. I am told this is considered non-responsive and have a meeting with a nurse and hep doc tomorrow.

Does anyone know what options are left and has anyone had a similar experience as a non responder with PEG Intron?

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With positive movement it seems that they would take it on out to 24 weeks and see what happens. I don't know much about clinical studies so they may have standards that define what they want to see as far as response. I would try to convince them to go for a 24 week response and see. I was a non-responder the first go round but they let me go through month 4 to see if it changed. There will be other drugs coming that could be helpful to you but it will be a few years down the road (my opinion). What Geno type are you - just curious. Dale
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The study you are involved with could be evaulating various doses of pegintron and if so, you could be on a lower dose than what might be optimal for you.  If possible, try to get further info about the dosing when you meet with the doc.  I assume that you are also getting rebetol (ribavirin)?  If you are about to be dropped by the study for non-response you can ask them if you can continue with the 'non-trial' dosing of the meds with the intention to get yourself und.  There is such a study going on out there and there is a site in Chicago that's doing it (if that's what you nickname implies).  Good luck.
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good point FLguy! windy could have been on the lowest dose of the trial and not enough for the strain of hcv in his/her system. I would try and get on full doses and maximun riba, if not on them at this point. This is one good example about the drawbacks of trials, you can't choose which branch of dosing you can be placed on, and many don't have your best interests in mind. then if you don't meet their criteria, you are left with all those wks of tx, wasted. You are no longer tx naive and limited in the trials you can now enroll.
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If it was a double-blind study neither the patient, nor the admin, would necessarily know what the patient is getting.  What I don't understand is if the blinders are removed upon the conclusion of the styudy or some other place along the line.
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Thanks for all the comments; many of this is explained prior to the treatment. I was looking for someone who had a similar experience to see what options they encountered.

As far as dosage, .7 water mixed with inferon to inject .48 once per week, plus 6 caps of Rebetol per day. I will be curious to see if continued medication is an option.

wndycity is place on lk michigan
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Our support group had someone in a couple of months ago which informed us about many clinical trials which are running or starting to look into other tx options due to the high failure rate of the only current tx because of non-response, inability to bear side effects by some, and relapsers.

Most of them were looking for non-responders, and one of them which is still a year or two out from obtain USA FDA approval is looking *very* promising with a high (I want to say 70% to 80%)success rate with *non-responders*.

We are meeting tonight (we currently only meet once a month) and will looking into seeing if anybody still has any information on these trials or at least a POC for learning more about them.
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